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Doc basics
Doc basics

Doc features, including setup, pages, customization, performance, and more

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Doc management and usage

Tips for using and managing your doc

Coda MobileLearn how the Coda mobile app will help you when you're on-the-go
Navigate your doc via the doc mapUse the doc map feature to navigate among the objects in your doc and understand table connections
Automations in CodaLearn how to automate your workflows. Set up triggers, actions, and filters to create powerful automation rules.
Which browsers does Coda support?
Optimize my doc on mobileCoda automatically makes your doc look great on a mobile device - here's how to get a sneak peek
View and copy doc historyLearn how to use Coda's version history feature to see a play-by-play of changes made to docs and pages, and to recover previous versions.
Dark modeCoda now supports dark mode, saving computer battery and accommodating visual needs
Can Coda be used offline?Editing your Coda docs in offline mode
Delete and recover docsStep-by-step instructions on how to delete your Coda doc. Plus info on recovering deleted docs from the trash.
Presenting your Coda docsUse presentation mode to display your Coda docs in full screen
Embed your Coda doc externallyUse the embed link to display your doc in your website, blog, and more. Plus learn how to create authenticated embeds for Google sites.
Duplication FAQsCommon questions about duplication in Coda
Webhook-Triggered AutomationsTrigger automations with webhooks
Search for content within a docHow to quickly find content within your doc's pages and tables
Use in-doc statistics to understand your docUse the in-doc statistics feature to better understand the number of objects in your doc, word count, AI usage, and more.