Custom Templates
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How to create a custom template

There are two ways to create a custom template:

Create a custom template from scratch

  1. Go to your Home page (formerly known as All Docs) and navigate to the left-hand panel. Find your workspace name and click it.

  2. Click into templates

  3. Click the "+ New Template" to create a new template from scratch

Convert an existing doc into a custom template

  1. Convert an existing doc by hovering over its title. Click the ellipses to open the dropdown menu. Select the "Make doc into a template" option.

  2. You will be prompted to (1) Create a copy of this doc or (2) Convert this doc. When you select the second option, the doc will be put into draft mode and sharing permissions will change. This means people who have been shared to the doc may no longer have access.

Publishing your template

All templates are automatically in "Draft" mode until they are published. Once published, custom templates can either be private (visible and usable only by you) or by your entire workspace. You cannot publish a template to the Doc Gallery or beyond your workspace.

Upon publishing to your workspace, you can decide how your template is found. There are three options for template accessibility:

  1. Creating a new doc: these templates are only available when users make a new doc from a template (as seen in Home). Currently, this is the only way to access a multi-page template.

  2. Adding to an existing doc: these templates can be found in the right-hand Insert panel and via / command. Note that templates that are multi-page cannot be added to existing docs.

  3. Creating a new doc and adding to an existing doc: this is the default setting and combines the two options above

How to access a custom template

Custom templates can be used in a variety of ways.

  1. When creating a new doc from "Home" (formerly "All Docs") and pressing the "+ New Doc" button, you will automatically be presented a variety of templates as a quick start. You can look through your team's custom templates (shared to the entire workspace), Coda's official templates, or all.

  2. At the top of your "Home" page, popular custom templates will automatically be surfaced. To look for more custom templates, click "See more" at the top right or scroll through the carousel. This will create a new doc.

  3. Within an existing doc, open the right-hand Insert panel and search for your template. Once you find it, you can drag and drop your template into your existing doc.

  4. Within an existing doc, type /'template name' to quickly insert your desired custom template.

How to Delete a Custom Template

  • You should be able to find it and delete it from your Coda home page, in the menu on the left, under "Manage templates."

A few things to note:

  • You can customize what custom templates you see on your workspace

  • You can share the template to be edited by multiple people via @-mentioning or by sharing the template from the Share dialog

  • If you convert a doc that has been published to the Doc Gallery into a custom template, you'll have the ability to change your settings in the same product flow!

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