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Use your use the embed link to display your doc in your website, blog, and more.

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Ever want to show off your awesome doc through another platform? Well good news - with embedding, you can do just that. You can embed your Coda doc on your website, blog, wiki or pretty much anywhere else.

Get the embed link

To get started, open your doc. Then click Share in the upper right corner of your doc. This will open the share menu. Click on the Embed tab.

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When you select the option to embed a Coda doc, you have a few more choices you can make to customize the experience:

  • Enable play which allows people to explore your doc without saving their changes

  • Hide page list to remove the left page menu when embedded

  • Add a height and width so it fits perfectly into the space you have available

  • Start with to choose which page the embed should display first

Keep in mind, viewers may still be able to play with the doc, see the section list, and view open comments by clicking the Open in Coda button that displays in your embed. This will depend on the underlying share settings of your doc.

Once you’ve adjusted those settings to your liking, just hit that Copy embed button in the bottom right of the window. Then you can paste that embed link into your website or other external platform.


Do I have to adjust the share settings of my doc before I can embed it?

Yes. At this time, you’re only able to embed public Coda docs. In other words, the share settings of the doc must be set to Anyone with the link - can view, can comment, or can edit. Learn more about adjusting the share settings here.

What happens when I enable play for my embedded doc?

This means that people viewing the embed will be able to directly interact with your doc, without any of their changes being saved. So they can push buttons, change controls, even edit text - but none of these changes will actually be saved in the original Coda doc.

Can I make my embedded Coda doc editable?

No - it isn’t currently possible to edit Coda docs directly from the embed. Only view mode and play mode are supported.

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