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Use the doc title menu to rename your doc, change your doc's icon, and much more

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The doc title menu is the central place for many important actions when it comes to managing your doc. From this menu, you can rename your doc, update you doc icon, enter presentation mode, open doc history, copy your doc, and much more. Read on to learn more about this menu.

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Open doc title menu

To access the doc title menu, first open your doc. Then look for the three dots next to your doc’s title, in the upper left corner of the doc. Click these docs to open the menu.

1_1 (16).png

Here you’ll see a number of different doc-level actions you can take, including...

  • Rename doc: Learn more in the section below.

  • Present: This action allows you to enter presentation mode. Read more here.

  • Undo and Redo: Also available as a keyboard shortcut, use this to undo the last action you took in the doc. And if you undo too far, use Redo to repeat an action.

  • Open doc history: This will open the history of edits made to the doc. Learn more here.

  • Suggest changes: Click this to enter Suggest Changes mode. Read all about it here.

  • Show hidden pages: Pages can be easily hidden to keep your doc looking clean. Clicking this option will reveal all those hidden pages.

  • Copy: Use this action if you want to create a copy of the doc. Learn more here.

  • Move: This action allows you to move the doc to a new folder or even a new workspace. You can read more details here.

  • Turn into a template: If you want to be able to use this doc as a template for future docs, take this action. Learn all about it here.

  • Add to Shortcuts: Use this action to save important docs for easy access. Read about shortcuts here.

  • Enable or disable quick nav: Currently a beta feature, Quick nav allows you to easily search across docs in your workspace using keywords - all without leaving your current doc. Enabling will open the quick nav feature on the left margin of your doc, while disabling will hide it.

  • Print & PDF: Use this action to generate PDFs from your doc and print or export them as desired. Read about this feature here.

  • Delete doc: Take this action to delete a doc. This deletes the doc for you and for everyone else who had access to it. You can find more details here.

Rename your doc

Note that you must be a Doc Maker in order to rename a doc.

To rename your doc, simply double-click on your doc’s title in the upper left corner. Type the new name, then hit Enter on your keyboard or click out of the title. That’s it!

rename doc.gif

Alternatively, you can click on the three dots to the right of your doc’s title, then choose the Rename doc option.

You can even rename your doc from the doc list directly. Find the doc in the list, click the three dots to the right of the doc, then choose Rename.

Frame 1 (14).png

Change your doc's icon

Note that you must be a Doc Maker in order to change a doc icon.

It's all too easy to get lost in your open tabs and in your bookmarks. Giving your Coda docs their own icons can help you find the right one every time. To set or change your doc’s icon, follow these steps:

  1. In the upper left corner of your doc, click on the icon above the doc title

  2. Choose one of the suggested icons, or use the text bar to search for icons via keywords

    1. Bonus - if you’re on a paid Coda plan, you can even upload your own custom icons to use. Learn more here.

  3. Select the icon you want - and that’s it!

update doc icon.gif

Your new doc icon will now be shown along with the doc title wherever your doc is referenced. Your browser tab icon (the technical term is favicon) will also update to feature your new emoji icon.


How do I delete a doc?

To delete a doc, first open the doc title menu (three dots near the title in the upper left corner of a doc), then select Delete doc. Note that only Doc Makers and Doc Maker (Admins) can delete docs. To learn more about deleting docs, head to this article.

How do I move a doc to a new folder or workspace?

To move a doc, first open the doc title menu (three dots near the title in the upper left corner of a doc), then select Move. For more details, check out this article.

Will renaming a doc rename it for everyone?

Yes - when a doc is renamed, this change will reflect immediately to everyone who can see the doc.

Who has the ability to change a doc’s title or icon?

Only Doc Makers and Doc Maker (Admins) - with edit access - can change the title or icon of a doc. Learn more about the abilities of Doc Makers and other roles here.

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