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Rename and manage your doc from your doc's title menu.

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Access the doc title menu by hovering your cursor to the right of the doc title to bring the hamburger menu option forward, then click on it. From there, you can rename your doc, view your doc in fullscreen, and much more! Here's an overview of your doc's title menu options.

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Update your doc's icon

It's all too easy to get lost in your open tabs and in your bookmarks. Giving your Coda docs their own icons can help you find the right one every time. Simply click the document icon next to your doc's title to get started.

Coda will suggest a few options, but you can also search the icon library or upload your own image to find something more to your liking. Your new doc icon will now be shown along with the doc title wherever your doc is referenced. Your browser tab icon (the technical term is favicon) will also update to feature your new emoji icon.

Example icons

  • 🧠 - for company wikis: the brain of the company

  • πŸš€ - for launches of any kind (product features, into space, etc)

  • πŸ“’ - for databases or docs keeping records

Rename your Doc

Double-click the doc title to rename your doc.

You can use the Rename doc option available in the doc menu to change your doc's title or double-click the title itself to edit.

Present in Coda

Choose "View fullscreen" to present your doc in fullscreen mode.

You can also use CMD+SHFT+P to enter fullscreen with your keyboard. Use the Escape key (Esc) to exit.

Manage your Doc

Copy, move, print, and/or delete your doc from the title menu.

Use the doc title menu to make copies, move your doc between workspaces and folders, and access the doc's Version History.

You also have the option to add the doc to My Shortcuts, available on the lefthand side of

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