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Create pages and subpages

Understand the basics of pages and subpages - including how to create, move, and delete pages

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Within a Coda workspace, you have folders. Within folders, you have docs. And within docs, you have pages. Pages (and subpages) are where your content actually lives. It’s where you write your text, create your table, or really do anything in your Coda doc. Keep reading to learn all about the basics of creating pages and subpages in Coda.

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What are pages and subpages?

Every new Coda doc starts with one page and grows from there. Pages are where the content of your doc lives. A page is your primary editing surface, where you can write and edit text, build tables, and so much more.

If you look at the left panel of any Coda doc, you’ll see a list of all the pages - and subpages - in the doc.

show page list.gif

If a page is nested under another page, it’s called a subpage. These pages and subpages help you keep information organized in your doc.

Create a page or subpage

Note that you must be a Doc Maker in order to create pages and subpages.

To create a new page, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the page list on the left side of your doc. If the page list is hidden, click on the >> icon to expand it.

  2. To add a new page to the bottom of the page list, simply click +New Page in the bottom left corner.

  3. To add a new page to a specific location in the page list, right-click on an existing page.

    1. Then select either Add page (to add a page on the same level), followed by New page

    2. Or select Add subpage (to add a page nested beneath the current page) followed by New page

  4. Be sure to give the new page a name so you can easily find it in the future.

Move pages

You’ll likely find yourself wanting to move pages around in the page list. For instance, maybe you want to move an important page towards the top of the page list for more visibility. Or maybe you want to nest a page under another page for improved organization. Either way, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the page list on the left side of your doc. If the page list is hidden, click on the >> icon to expand it.

  2. Click on the page you want to move

  3. While holding, drag the page to the new location.

  4. If you’re want to move the page between other pages, drag until you see the blue bar in the correct location. This indicates where the page will land.

  5. If you want to nest the page under another page (as a subpage), drag until the blue box appears around the top-level page. This blue box indicates that your page will be nested.

move pages around.gif

Note that you must be a Doc Maker in order to move pages.


How should I organize my pages and subpages?

There are many ways to organize your pages and subpages, depending on your needs and preferences. Check out this article for some guidance and best practices.

How do I delete a page?

To delete a page, find it in the page list on the left hand side of your doc. Right click on the name, then select Delete page from the menu. Note that if the page has subpages beneath it, this action will also delete all of the subpages. If you don’t want the subpages to be deleted, first move them to another location in the page list.

1_1 (10).png

How do I hide a page?

Did you know you can hide pages from your page list? While this is not a secure way to hide to content, it’s a great way to keep your doc looking tidy. Learn about hiding (and unhiding) pages here.

How do I bookmark a page?

Bookmarking a page is a great way to save a page for easy access. When you bookmark a page, this creates a shortcut for you (and only you) at the top of the page list. To add a new bookmark:

  1. Find the page in the page list (left side of your doc)

  2. Right click on the page name

  3. Select Bookmark for me

    bookmark a page.gif

How do I customize a page?

You can customize your pages by adding authors, subtitles, and cover photos, or by adjusting page font and width - and more. Learn all about it here.

Can I add a page from another doc?

Yes - with sync pages, you have the option to sync in a page from another doc whenever you add a new page. Read more here.

Who can create and manage pages?

Only Doc Makers (which includes Doc Maker Admins) can create and manage pages. This includes naming pages, choosing page icons, moving pages, locking pages, and hiding pages. Read more about Editor vs. Doc Maker abilities here.

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