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Drag-and-drop templates

Get started quickly using these quick start shortcuts

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If you're new to Coda, you might not know exactly what you'd like to build yet. Not to worry! Here's where drag-and-drop templates come in. They'll help you get started quickly, and give your doc a supercharge. Let's take a look. 

You can add drag-and-drop templates either from the Explore panel in your doc's header, or by using the slash command to enter them directly in the canvas. Let's explore each:

Using the slash command

To insert a template using the slash command, type the / key from a new line on your canvas. This will pull up a dropdown menu that gives you the option to insert different building blocks into Coda.

You can search by name for the template you want to use, or scroll through popular options. Once you find the template you want, you can highlight it and click on it, or hit the return key to add it to the canvas.

Using the Explore panel

If you prefer to browse different drag-and-drop templates, you might prefer to use the Explore panel to add templates instead. To do that, click "Explore" in the upper righthand corner of the page.

From there, you'll be able to select the templates option to open a menu of templates. You can choose from popular existing templates or browse by collection.

Once you find the template you want to add, drag and drop it onto your canvas and the template will be inserted.

Don't forget that you can search for any template by name in the explore panel!

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