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Delete and recover docs

Step-by-step instructions on how to delete your Coda doc. Plus info on recovering deleted docs from the trash.

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Sometimes a doc belongs in the trash. Whenever you and your team no longer need a doc, you can easily delete the doc to keep your workspace tidy. And if you ever delete a doc by mistake, you can also recover the doc from the trash for up to 7 days. Read on to learn more.

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Delete a doc

ℹ️ Note that you must be a Doc Maker and the doc owner to delete a doc.

To delete a doc, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open up the doc

  2. Click on the horizontal three doc menu ( ... ) next to the doc title in the upper left

  3. Select Delete from the options

  4. On the confirmation pop-up, click Delete

Once you confirm, your doc will be deleted. Your doc will remain in the trash for 7 days before it is permanently deleted.

Recover a doc from the trash

ℹ️ Note that you must be a Doc Maker and the doc owner to restore a doc from the trash.

If your doc was deleted within the last 7 days, you have the option to restore it from the trash. If the doc was deleted more than 7 days ago, it has been permanently removed from Coda's systems and cannot be restored.

To restore a doc from the trash, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your workspace name in the left-hand panel

  2. You should see a few tabs across the page horizontally. Click into the Deleted tab.

  3. Hover next to the doc you wish to restore, and click on the three dot menu to the right side of the doc. Then click on Undelete doc.

That's it! Your doc is now restored and can be found in your list of docs.


Can admins delete docs owned by other workspace members?

Workspace admins (on non-Enterprise plans) can transfer ownership of docs from departed employees. After doing so, the new owner of the doc then has the ability to delete the doc.

Enterprise org admins have even more control of the docs in their org. They can choose to delete docs owned by others via the Org Docs dashboard.

Why is the option to delete a doc disabled?

You need to be the owner of a doc in order to delete it. If you try to delete a doc but see the option is disabled, please reach out to the doc owner and request they do so. You can determine the owner by clicking on Share in the upper right corner of the doc. If the doc owner is no longer a part of your workspace, please have your workspace admin reach out to Coda Support. They can do so by clicking the question mark icon in the lower right corner of any doc, then choosing Contact support.

I deleted a doc more than 7 days ago. Is there a way to recover it?

Unfortunately, no. After 7 days, deleted docs are permanently removed from Coda's systems and cannot be recovered.

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