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Set custom working days and holidays
Set custom working days and holidays

Set custom working days and holidays in Coda, and learn how to incorporate into formulas, timeline, and more.

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With the custom working days and custom holidays features, your Coda docs will understand your unique schedule. You can specify which days you and your team work, and which days you don’t. These customizations can then be reflected in formulas (such as NetWorkingDays and Workday), timelines, and even dependencies. This capability allows you and your team to manage your work in an intuitive way.

📣 If you want to know how to set a custom first day of the week for your doc, check out this article.

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Set custom working days

Maybe your team works 4 days a week, or maybe you work every day of the week. Whatever your schedule, you can set it in Coda.

To set custom working days, just follow these steps:

  1. In your Coda doc, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner

  2. Click into the Region and dates option

  3. Click on the Working days tab

  4. Now you’ll see all possible working days. Select whichever workdays match your schedule (blue means selected).

set custom working days.gif

Now you’ve successfully set custom working days. Check out the section below to learn how this customization will apply across your doc.

Set custom holidays

You can also set which holidays your team does and doesn’t observe.

To specify custom holidays, you need to create a table in your doc. This table should contain the name of all the holidays in one column (a text column), and the date of each holiday in another (a date column). It may contain other columns as well, but the name and date columns are required. You can either create this table on your own, or you can follow the steps below to create the table.

To set custom holidays for your doc, follow these steps:

  1. In your Coda doc, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner

  2. Click into the Region and dates option

  3. Click on the Working days tab

  4. Under the Holidays section, you’ll see two fields. For the first field (Holiday table), you need to choose the table that contains your holiday information.

    1. If you’ve already created this table, choose the table name from the dropdown. Then jump to step #6.

  5. If you haven’t yet created your holiday table, choose +Create new table. A new table with the necessary columns will automatically be created in your doc. You just need to fill in the table with your holiday information.

  6. Finally, in the Holiday settings, for the Date column field, make sure that the correct date column is selected. If not, use the dropdown to select the correct column.

custom holidays create table.gif

That’s it! You’ve now set custom holiday for your doc.

Apply working days across your doc

Now that you’ve set your custom working days and/or custom holidays, you may be wondering how these working days apply across your doc.


The NetWorkingDays() and Workday() will automatically start taking into account your custom working days and custom holidays. There is no additional action needed.

Both of these formulas have an optional holidays input. If you’ve set custom holidays, you do not need to re-enter those holidays here. If you do enter a list of holidays here, this list will override any holidays you’ve set via the custom holidays feature.

Timelines and dependencies

Timelines and dependencies won’t automatically start factoring in your custom workdays and holidays. To change this, you need to open the timeline display options, find the Respect working days toggle, and toggle this on.

respect custom workdays toggle.gif

Once the Respect working days toggle has been turned on, items on the timeline can no longer start or end on non-working days. This applies both to manually moved items as well as auto-moved items when in Strict and Flexible dependencies mode (learn more here). The dates specified in the custom holidays table will be grayed out on the timeline.


Do I have to set custom working days for each new doc?

Yes, custom working days and custom holidays are set on a per-doc basis. So you will have to go through the process of setting these customizations for each doc that requires them. To make things simpler, you can create your holiday table once, then copy and paste it into each necessary doc.

How are first day of the week and custom working days different?

The first day of the week setting tells Coda which day of the week your calendar should start on. For instance, the calendar week may start on Sunday in certain parts of the world, or it may start on Monday in other regions. Or maybe you and your team just have your own system that works for you. The first day of the week setting will affect the rendering of calendars, timelines, and date picker controls. It will also affect some Coda formulas. Refer to this article for more details.

The custom working days setting, on the other hand, tells Coda which days your team does and does not work each week (regardless of which first day of the week you prefer). This setting can be enforced in timelines and dependencies, so that tasks cannot start or end on non-workdays. It also affects the NetWorkingDays() and Workday() formulas. Check out the section above for more details on these implications.

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