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Use in-doc statistics to understand your doc
Use in-doc statistics to understand your doc

Use the in-doc statistics feature to better understand the number of objects in your doc, word count, AI usage, and more.

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Within each of your Coda docs, you will find a Statistics panel. This panel provides a range of detailed statistics for the doc, including number of rows and pages, media size, word count, formula calculation limit, and more. Read on to learn how to access the Statistics section and how to understand the info there.

📣 This article will cover the in-doc statistics panel, found within each individual doc. If you are instead wanting to understand statistics across all of your docs, check out this article.

Within this article, you’ll find...

Open the doc statistics panel

To access the in-doc statistics, follow these steps:

  1. Open the doc

  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner

  3. Select Statistics

open doc statistics.gif

That’s it! You can scroll through to see all available stats. We’ll explain the available statistics in the following section.

Available statistics

Object counts & media size

At the top of the statistics panel, you’ll see how many of each object type - rows, pages, tables & views, buttons & controls, and formulas - are currently in the doc.

You’ll also see the total amount of media, including images and file attachments, in the doc. This is helpful to ensure that you don’t exceed any attachment limits.

Formula calculation limit

The formula calculation limit is the limit at which calculations will be disabled for a doc. If your doc becomes too large, you may hit this limit and notice that formulas are no longer calculating. Here you will see how much space you have left in your doc (as a percentage) until you hit this limit.

1_1 (38).png

Note that you will only see the formula calculation limit in the Statistics panel if your doc is at least 50% of the way to hitting the limit. So if you don’t see this section, then you can rest assured that your doc is nowhere near the limit.

If you’ve hit this limit and want to learn more, check out this article.

Word & character count

Here you can see the word and character count for both the current page that you’re on, and for the entire doc. Just click the down arrow next to Word count to switch to Character count (and vice versa).

word and character count feature.gif

You can also toggle on the Show while typing setting, and a word or character account bubble will appear at the bottom of the current page and will update as you type. This can helpful for crafting content with character or text limits. Click on bubble to switch between word count and character count.

Note that text in tables, views, and formulas are not included in word or character count.

AI usage

In this section, you can see the amount of AI usage happening in the doc. Use the dropdown to choose between This billing period and This hour.

AI usage is broken down by AI feature type. You can click on Details next to each feature type to learn more.

If you want to more info on analyzing AI usage, check out this article.


Here you can see your docs overall usage by others. This includes the number of copies that have been made, as well as the number of views.

ℹ️ To learn even more about your published doc’s stats and usage, check out and this accompanying article.


What’s the difference between the in-doc statistics panel and the the My Stats page?

The My Stats page - found at - shows you some high-level statistics across all of your published docs and Packs. Stats for unpublished docs will not show up here. The primary stats available here are doc views and Pack installs.

The in-doc statistics panel (described in this current article) lets you dive deeper into some statistics for a single, unpublished doc. These stats are more granular and include things like word count, page count, and more.

Can I use the Statistics panel to understand the current size of my doc?

Yes. The information in the statistics panel can help you understand how much data you have in your doc, and whether your doc is getting too large.

The Statistics panel will show you how many rows, pages, tables and views, buttons and controls, and formulas are in use in your doc. This can give you a sense of what’s taking up the most space.

Another useful thing to consider is the formula calculation limit, which can be found within the Statistics panel*. This feature will show you - as a percentage of used space - how close your doc is to hitting this limit. If your doc size reaches a certain point, it will hit this calculation limit and calculations will be disabled. Check out this article to learn more about re-enabling calculations.

*Note that if your doc is less than 50% of the way towards this limit, then the formula calculation limit section won’t appear. This means your should be in good shape as far as doc size goes.

To learn more about managing doc size, refer to this article.

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