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What is a workspace

A workspace is your home base for all things Coda. It will store your docs in an organized way, and you'll invite members into the workspace to help you get the job done. A workspace can be free or paid (depending on your plan), and as the workspace's Doc Maker or Doc Maker (Admin), you'll be able to dictate the rules for how it works. Please note, a Coda Workspace is completely separate from a "Google Workspace".

When you go to, you'll see all of your workspaces in the left panel. Click on any workspace name to expand that workspace. You'll then be able to access Templates, Members, and Workspace settings for that workspace. For instance, in the screenshot below, "Sabre Corporation," "Steve's Personal," and "Workspace C" are separate workspaces.

Workspace settings

Each workspace can be a little bit different depending on what you want to achieve. Workspace settings can be found below the workspace name in the left panel. These settings have a few key parts for an admin to control.

  • About - Here you'll name and describe your workspace.

  • Billing - You'll see the details of your plan here. If you ever need to upgrade your workspace or see a past bill, you can do so here.

  • Membership - Here's where you can decide how people will interact with the workspace. You can decide who can create new docs, whether your approval is needed for new members, and set up approved email domains so you control who edits from outside your team.

  • Members - You can also invite new people and determine their access level here. And, if things change, you can always update their access level to suit their new role.

Adding a workspace

You can add a new workspace by clicking on the three dots on the bottom left hand corner of your home page, next to "More options." Then select “New workspace”. A free workspace will be created, you can then upgrade your workspace from there.

Adding people to workspaces

When you add people to a workspace, they become members. You decide what they can and can't do with the docs based on their role (see Members and Roles for more info).

To add someone to a workspace, first click on the workspace name in the left panel of Select the Members tab below the workspace name, then look for the Invite button.

You can enter email addresses and choose which role this new member should have. Then hit Invite.

Unlocking a workspace

If payment for your monthly plan fails, your workspace may be temporarily locked. But don't worry. When a bill is missed we provide a 7 day grace period to update your billing preferences in the workspace settings and pay the bill. If you go beyond the 7 day grace period the Docs in the workspace will become read-only. Docs cannot be created or moved into the workspace, and the workspace settings and membership list will also become read-only until payment is received. Please contact Coda for help unlocking your workspace.

Deleting a workspace

Workspaces need to be empty of docs and custom templates before you can delete them. This means that you'll need to first delete all docs and templates you own in the workspace. If other collaborators used this workspace and still own docs there, they'll need to delete those docs respectively.

Also, if your workspace is on a paid plan, you will need to downgrade it to the free plan in order to delete.

Once the above steps are complete, you can then delete the workspace by navigating to, clicking on the workspace name on the left, selecting Workspace settings, then clicking the Delete workspace button (under the About tab).

As an Admin, you may encounter the error message shown below even if you've already deleted all docs in your workspace's shared folders. However if you still encounter the error message below, this is an indicator that some Doc Owners in your workspace may still have docs in their My Docs folder or a private folder that you're not a member of. Be sure to coordinate with your other members in your workspace to get these docs deleted. The same applies to custom templates.

Workspace FAQs

What if my company already has a Coda workspace? How do I sign up?

You will simply start at and sign up for Coda. The admin of your company workspace can help users by identifying a list of domains (the part of your email address after the @ symbol) that can join their workspace automatically. If you are on one of these domains, you will automatically be added to the workspace as an Editor. From there you can join any folders that make sense for you. This will not work for .edu or non-gmail domains yet.

How do I downgrade or upgrade a workspace?

How do I manage Doc Makers in my workspace?

Is there a limit for how many Doc Makers (Admin) I can have?

There is no limit! As a reminder, admins are billed as Doc Makers. Please note that you will not be able to delete or downgrade an admin in a workspace if they are the only one.

I tried to move a doc across workspaces but it became read only. What happened?

You'll see this happen if the owner of the doc is not a Doc Maker in the destination workspace.

I'm on a free workspace and I see a lot of Doc Makers (Admin). How is that happening?

There is a special rule for free workspaces that automatically makes users Admins when they create a doc. This enables anyone that is a Doc Maker (Admin) in the workspace to upgrade when the team is ready for the next level.

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