For paid workspaces, we offer the ability to manage members from the Members tab in Workspace settings.

Filter and select members

View current and past members by role & status using the dropdown: you can select from Current, Removed, and Offboarded. You can also search the list of members by name and email using the search bar. When you select multiple members using the checkboxes on the left, you will be able to edit and export the selected list of users.

View and approve Doc Makers

For members that have requested to become Doc Makers, Decline and Approve buttons will appear under the "Workspace role" column, along with how long until the request is auto-approved. Learn to customize how your workspace members become Doc Makers by checking out this article.

Access member information

Next to each member's name, the date that they joined the workspace is available in the "Joined on" column.

Enterprise only: Additional member information

Admins of Enterprise workspaces will be able to see additional columns with information, including: the date the member was last active and the number of docs that they currently own.

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