You only pay for Doc Makers. So it becomes important to understand how a user can become a Doc Maker when managing the bill for your Coda subscription. 

Defining a Doc Maker

First, let's begin with what a Doc Maker is in Coda. A Doc Maker user that has the power to create and manage both docs and workspaces.

Specifically – in workspaces a Doc Maker can create new docs, create and manage folders, etc. Within docs, a Doc Maker can administer things like changing the title and icon, adjusting the timezone, configuring doc and section locking, etc.

It's good to note that Admins are also considered Doc Makers; with the additional power to administer a Workspace like accesses bills, changing workspace settings, and managing membership, etc...

Becoming a Doc Maker

There are two ways that a workspace member can become a Doc Maker; manually and automatically.

For the manual path, an Admin can explicitly set a workspace member's role to Doc Maker or Admin. As the Admin of a workspace you have explicit control over who becomes a Doc Maker.

For the automatic path, the Any member can create docs setting in workspace settings is turned ON. This allows any member in the workspace to automatically become a Doc Maker by creating, moving, or copying a doc into the workspace.

A new workspace will have this setting ON by default to provide Editors a way to become Doc Makers when they're ready and does not require Admin approval. As the Admin of a workspace you can decide to keep the setting ON or turn it OFF. If it is turned OFF workspace members will need to reach out to you to become a Doc Maker.

When a member of the workspace becomes a Doc Maker either manually or automatically all admins of the workspace can view the Members Activity log that shows which members were promoted and demoted and how. This is a great way to trace how your workspace is growing and how to estimate the value of Coda for your team. If elected the admins will also receive an email with more details on how your billing is effected. To learn more see the Activity tab located in your Workspace Settings.

How to demote a Doc Maker 

If you demote a Doc Maker within your workspace they will no longer be able to make their own docs. Any docs they previously created will become read-only unless you transfer ownership of those docs to another Doc Maker. See how to transfer doc ownership here. If you demote a Doc Maker to Editor they'll still be be able to make changes to existing docs with no impact on your price point.

To make changes, as the Admin you will need to go to workspace settings.  To find the workspace settings click the workspace name in the left panel and follow the workspace settings link above the folder list. 

Manually demote a Doc Maker

Search or browse to the member you'd like to demote in the Members list on the right panel. Once you have found them simply click on the down arrow menu to change their role. This will take effect immediately and will reflect in your bill.

Turn off Auto-upgrade setting

As the admin you can decide the rules for the workspace. The setting below will help with price savings but also note that these will make it less flexible for your users to become makers when they're ready.

To require your approval to become a Doc Maker turn of the ability for anyone to create docs in the workspace by setting Any member can create docs to OFF.

Note that any member, including the members you manually demoted can become a Doc Maker again without your explicit approval when this setting is ON.

Effects on your bill

From a billing perspective, demoting a Doc Maker will reflect on your next bill. You will see a pro-rated credit that is equal to the amount of time the user was no longer a Doc Maker in your billing cycle.

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