You only pay for Doc Makers, so it is helpful to understand what a Doc Maker is and how to manage which users become Doc Makers.

What is a Doc Maker?

First, let's begin with what a Doc Maker is in Coda. A Doc Maker is a user that has the power to create and manage both docs and workspaces.

In workspaces, a Doc Maker can create new docs, and create and manage folders. Within docs, a Doc Maker can administer things like changing the title and icon, adjusting the timezone, and configuring doc and section locking. Only Doc Makers can delete docs.

Admins are also considered Doc Makers. But in addition to regular Doc Maker privileges, admins can manage workspace billing, change workspace settings, and manage workspace membership. Admins also get emails about membership changes and requests.

Keep in mind you can have an unlimited number of Editors and Viewers at no charge. Editors can access docs created by Makers and collaborate by adding, removing and editing text, tables, buttons, templates, and other Coda building blocks.

Managing new Doc Makers

Please note this only applies to workspaces with a paid subscription.

If an Editor creates a new doc, they'll become a billable Doc Maker. You have a few options for how this works, which are managed via your workspace settings > Access.

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 5.05.59 PM.png

Instant approval

A member who creates a new doc will automatically become a billable Doc Maker. Choose this option if you would approve anyone who wanted to create a doc anyway, and want to skip the administrative burden of an approval process.

7-day grace period

A member who creates a doc will go into a 7-day grace period where they can do anything a Doc Maker does without any charges to the workspace. The admins will be notified when users enter this grace period and will have 7 days to officially approve or reject the Maker request. If the admin does nothing, the member will automatically become a billable Doc Maker after the 7 day grace period.

This option is good if you want to keep a close eye on who gets to be a Doc Maker without becoming a bottleneck for your team to try out Coda.

Note: If a member is rejected from becoming a Doc Maker by an admin, any docs they created will become read-only and they will have to request Doc Maker access for their docs to become editable again.


A member who attempts to create a doc will be prompted to either request Doc Maker access or start a 14-day trial, where they can try making docs with Coda for 14 days, free of charge to your workspace. Workspace admins will be notified when a user’s trial concludes, or if they opt to request Doc Maker access, with or without starting a trial. Unless an admin explicitly grants Doc Maker access, Coda will automatically downgrade any user in trial to Editor again at the end of their 14-day trial.

This option is good if you would like to ensure that any new Doc Maker goes through an explicit approval process.

Note: Each member is eligible only once for a Doc Maker trial. Once their trial ends, any docs they created and shared will be become read-only, and the next time they want to create a doc, they will be blocked until an admin approves them. This could cause some members to create their doc in a new free Coda workspace that is not controlled by or visible to your organization.

Role management

Admins can manage whether a member is a Doc Maker or an Editor in Workspace Settings.

First, click on your workspace name in the left panel:

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 5.09.07 PM.png

Then, in the upper-right corner, you should see Workspace members. Here, you can modify the role of each member.

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 5.10.01 PM.png

If you demote a Doc Maker to an Editor, they will no longer be able to make their own docs. Any docs they previously created will become read-only unless you transfer ownership of those docs to another Doc Maker (see how to transfer doc ownership here).

Note: From a billing perspective, demoting a Doc Maker will reflect on your next bill. You will see a prorated credit that is equal to the amount of time the user was no longer a Doc Maker in your billing cycle.

Activity Dashboard

Navigate to the “Activity” tab in your workspace settings to see role changes over time. By default all admins will also get a report that summarizes activity for the day (if there is any). Each admin can manage whether they receive that email by clicking the bell icon in the activity dashboard.

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