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Enterprise Advanced Access Controls

Set rules for how docs, Packs, and forms can be shared outside your organization

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Admins for teams on Coda’s Enterprise plan can choose how docs, forms, and Packs will be shared outside their organization. There are three sharing policies available:

  1. Unrestricted: Docs and Packs can be shared outside the organization. Sharing settings are managed on a per-doc and per-Pack basis.

  2. Invite-only external access: External collaborators must be added directly as docs and Packs cannot be shared publicly. This policy disables doc publishing and doc embedding.

  3. No external access. Doc and Pack access is limited to users within the organization’s domain only. Docs cannot be shared with external collaborators via doc publishing, doc embedding, or direct add.

Manage sharing rules in Coda

If you're an org admin, you can update your advanced sharing rules at any time from the Organization settings console.

  1. Log into a Coda account with org admin access. Select your workspace and navigate to the ... menu in the bottom left corner of the screen.

  2. Select Organization settings to open the Organization Admin Console

  3. You'll be brought first to the Domains and access tab. Just scroll down to the External access rules section. First, you'll see options for Docs and Packs, and below you'll see options for Forms. Adjust as desired - and that's it!

    1. Note that restricting access will not affect any docs, Packs, or forms that have previously been shared publicly. Restricting access will disable sharing to anyone with the link on all docs and packs and prevent any new docs and packs from being shared publicly.

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