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How to share your doc with individuals, your team, your workspace, and beyond

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Coda is designed with collaboration in mind. Whether want to invite your teammates to help build out your task tracker, share a wiki with your entire company, or just show off something cool you’ve built - sharing your doc is easy. To make it most convenient for you, we’ve even built a variety of options for how you can share your doc. Check them out below.

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Invite specific people to your doc

If you just want to share a specific doc with a handful of specific people, this is probably the option for you. You can invite anyone to collaborate on your Coda doc - you just need their email address. Simply click the Share icon in the upper right corner of your doc, then type the email address of the person you'd like to share with.

💡Tip: Coda makes it especially easy by allowing you to search your Slack, Google, or Microsoft contacts. You’ll see tabs for these search options in the Share dialog.

When you invite someone, you can decide what type of access they'll have:

  • Can view for read-only access

  • Can comment for adding feedback using comments

  • Can edit if you'll need them to make changes to the doc

  • No access if they shouldn't be able to open or view the doc

You can also use the Notify people toggle to decide whether you’d like to send them a notification or not.

Share with members in your workspace

Your workspace is where you can find all the docs that you and members in your organization are creating on Coda. It’s essentially your home base for all things Coda. Learn more about your workspace and workspace members here.

When you’re ready to share your doc, you can share it with everyone in your Coda workspace to make the doc widely accessible to all the members of your workspace.

While in your doc, click on Share in the upper right corner of your doc. Then find the option that says Anyone in [insert workspace name] workspace. If you see Anyone with [insert domain] email address instead, click on then then choose the workspace option from the dropdown. Just as with the other sharing options, you can choose what level of access to grant these folks: can view, can comment, or can edit.

While you also have the option to share via email domain (see below), we recommend that you share the doc with everyone in your workspace if you want the doc to be accessed by all members of your workspace. This is especially useful if...

  • you’re in an edu workspace and don’t want the doc to be shared with everyone that shares the .edu domain.

  • you’re in a workspace that has users from multiple domains.

  • you want to limit access to the doc to just members of your workspace.

Share with email domains

If you're logged in to Coda with a business email address (for example, - not, you'll have the opportunity to share any docs that you own with everyone else that has the same domain as you (their email ends in the same as yours).

While in your doc, click on Share in the upper right corner of your doc. Then find the option that says Anyone with a [insert domain] email address. You may need to click on Anyone in [insert workspace name] workspace, then choose the email address option from the dropdown. Just as with the other sharing options, you can choose what level of access to grant these folks: can view, can comment, or can edit. If you'd like to learn more about sharing with domains, check out this article.

Share via folders

Maybe you have a number of docs that you regularly want to share with the same limited group of people. In this instance, you may want to use private folders to manage sharing. Once you add these people as members of this private folder, they’ll automatically have access to every doc that lives within the folder - without you having to manually invite them doc by doc.

Alternatively, if you want to make it easy for everyone in your workspace to access a doc, you can make sure your doc lives in a shared folder. Shared folders are accessible to everyone in your Coda workspace, as are all docs that live within those folders.

You can read all about folders and how to use them here.

Note that private folders are only available on the Team and Enterprise tiers of Coda.

Share broadly with links

Instead of having to enter email addresses or share with just your organization, you can also share a Coda doc with a link. This is particularly useful when you want to share very broadly. It’s important to note that using this sharing method allows anyone with the link access to your doc, so it’s suggested that you don’t utilize this option for docs containing personal, company, or other private information.

To share your doc via a link, start by clicking the Share icon in the upper right. Within the share dialogue, you’ll see the Anyone with the link setting. Click the dropdown that corresponds with this setting, and choose what type of access the link should give: view, comment, or edit.

Then, towards the bottom of the share dialog, you’ll see a Copy link button. Click that to copy the link to your doc, then share that link as desired.

💡Tip: You can even choose which page in your doc you’d like that link to lead to. From the dropdown, select either Current page or First page. This feature helps you efficiently share a page, without requiring your invitees to navigate through the whole doc.

Advanced sharing settings

When you open up the Share settings for your doc, you’ll see a slider icon in the upper right of the pop-up. Click this to open the advanced sharing settings.

Here, you’ll find the following options to give you even more control over sharing your doc:

  • Allow anyone who can edit to change permissions and share. This setting allows any people with edit access to your doc to also have control over sharing that doc. If you’d like to prevent others from modifying the access to your doc, toggle this setting off.

  • Allow anyone to copy this doc. This setting controls whether people with access to your doc can make their own copy. With this setting off, editors, viewers, and commenters will no longer have the option to copy the doc, including from the top left-hand corner of the doc or via a Copy Doc button. This setting is toggled on be default, and you must be the doc owner to change it. Note that disabling this setting will also disable the ability to make the doc into a template.

  • Share with Coda support. Use this only if you're in conversation with a Coda Support team member and have discussed sharing your doc.

  • Allow viewers to request edit access. Use this setting to display a Request edit access button to people who do not have edit access but can view your doc. This button will not appear when viewing a doc through its published link. Read more on this feature here.

Other sharing methods

More options?! That’s right. In addition to all of the sharing methods discussed above, you can also share by inviting specific Google Groups to your doc. Additionally, you can share via publishing or embedding your doc on external platforms. Check out those respective articles to learn more.


How do I share a doc with Coda Support?

You can share your doc by clicking on Share in the top right hand corner, then clicking the slider icon in the upper right. Then just toggle on the Share with Coda Support option. Make sure you also send Support the link to your doc.

Can I share my doc via Google Groups?

Absolutely. If you use Google Groups, you can invite specific groups to your doc for easy sharing. Learn how here.

Can I hide specific pages when I share my doc?

Yes! We support hiding individual pages and subpages, which you can read all about here. This is available on the Pro tier and up. Keep in mind that pages cannot be hidden only from specific people, and anyone can search for and unhide pages. For more restrictions, you may want to explore the locking feature.

Can I share with pre-set groups of people (instead of individuals)?

Yes! If your organization uses SCIM, you can sync groups from your identity provider and then share docs with those groups. You can also share with Google Groups. Alternatively, you can create private folders, and invite the appropriate people as folder members. Then you can move any necessary docs to this folder.

How can I prevent people from copying my doc?

To disable copy, click Share in the top-right hand bar and navigate to your Advanced Settings to the appropriate toggle. See “Allow others to copy this doc” section above for more info.

Why am I seeing a “Ready to share this doc?” popup when I try to copy the link to my doc?

You’ll see this popup when you’ve copied the link to your doc (via the share menu) but haven’t actually granted access to your doc via the link. Read through the Share via link section of this article to learn more.

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