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For workspace admins: Manage your existing billing account, change payment methods, add invoice details, and more

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This article is intended for Workspace admins who already have a paid Coda subscription and need to manage their existing billing. If you don’t yet have a paid subscription and want to know how to upgrade, check out this article instead.

A note for our Enterprise customers: The majority of this article is valid for all workspace types, including Enterprise. But you may notice some slightly different functionality in your billing hub. If you have any questions about Enterprise billing, please contact your account team or Coda Support.

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Access your billing hub

As a workspace admin, you can easily access your workspace billing hub right from your Coda doc list. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on your workspace name in the left panel

  2. Beneath the workspace name, select Workspace settings

  3. Click into the Billing tab

Here you’ll be able to see and adjust information such as your plan type, billing email address, payment methods, invoice details, and more.

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Adjust invoice details

Let’s say you’ve already upgraded to a paid plan and are receiving invoices from Coda, but you need to change or add some details to your invoice. You can do that with just a few clicks from your billing hub (see above).

  1. Once in the billing hub, just click on +Update beneath your Invoice details.

  2. This will open a window where you can add or update your organization name, country, address, and tax ID (commonly EU VAT) information.

  3. Once you’re done, just hit Save.

Any changes will be reflected on all future invoices. Previous invoices will not be retroactively updated.

Add invoice details.gif

Manage payment methods

Within your workspace billing hub, you can easily add, remove, or update your payment method.

Add a new primary card

As a workspace admin, just navigate to your billing hub. Add your new card by clicking on the +Add payment method button. Once you save the new payment information, click on the three horizontal dots next to the card and select Use as primary payment method. Your primary card will now go to the top of the list with a Primary designation. You’re all set!

Delete a saved card

First navigate to your billing hub. Then locate the card, click on the three horizontal dots next to the card, and select Delete. Please note you are not able to delete a primary card, nor can you delete the only card on file. So you may first need to follow the steps above to add a new primary card.

Update an expired card

In order to update an expired card, you’ll need to add the card information again. Follow the same steps in the section above to do so. Then locate the expired card (it should no longer have Primary next to it) and click on the three horizontal dots, then select Delete.

Failed payments

If the payment method on file for your workspace fails, we'll provide a 7-day grace period before any changes occur. During this grace period, you'll still be able to use your workspace and docs as usual. But you will see notices and receive notifications that your payment has failed and needs to be updated. If payment is not updated within the 7-day grace period, the workspace will then be automatically downgraded to a free plan. The workspace will lose access to all paid features, and any docs over the size limit will go read-only. To remedy this, a workspace admin will need to upgrade the workspace back to the desired plan, with a working payment method. You can read about how to upgrade a workspace here.


How do I see which plan my workspace is currently on?

Simply navigate to your workspace page and click on the workspace in question from the lefthand side of your page. At the top of the page, next to the workspace name, you should see the current plan type (either Free, Pro, Team, or Enterprise).

16_10 (3).png

Where can I find my past invoices?

If you’re a workspace admin, you can find a log of all past invoices. Just navigate to your workspace home, click into your workspace name on the left, select Workspace settings, and click into the Billing tab. You’ll find an Invoice history section with a log of all past invoices.

How do I know when my annual or monthly subscription will renew?

For customers on our Pro and Team plans: The easiest way to know when you’ll be charged next is to look at your previous invoices. For instance - if you pay annually and your last invoice was on July 15th 2023, you can expect your next charge on July 15th 2024. If you pay monthly, you can expect your next charge on August 15th 2023.

You can find a log of past invoices in your billing hub.

Why did my workspace get suddenly downgraded?

If your workspace has auto-downgraded to a free plan (without a workspace admin intentionally downgrading), you may notice that you've lost access to paid features and certain docs are now read-only. This is likely due to the payment for the workspace failing. You can read about failed payments and how to remedy them in the section above.

Can I switch from monthly billing to annual billing (or vice versa)?

For customers on our Pro and Team plans: If you’ve already paid for a subscription and would like to change the frequency of your future billing, you can do that by following these steps.

  1. Go to your workspace home (

  2. Click on the workspace name on the left

  3. Click into Workspace settings

  4. Select the Billing tab

  5. Click Change plan

  6. You’ll be brought to Coda’s pricing page. Use the toggle to change from Pay monthly to Pay annually (or vice versa).

  7. Scroll down to the plan you already have (or the new plan, if you’re wanting to also upgrade). Click Change.

  8. Follow the steps to confirm the change.

How can I transfer the billing account to a different owner?

To transfer the workspace billing responsibility to another owner, you’ll first want to make sure that person is a workspace admin. Only workspace admins have access to the Workspace settings and the billing hub.

Then, you’ll want to change the email address listed in the billing hub, so that future invoices and billing communications are directed to the new owner. You can do this by simply changing the address listed under Billing email address within the billing hub.

How do I add EU VAT details to my invoice?

EU VAT is a common form of tax ID. Tax ID details can be added to your future invoices via your billing hub. Check out the Adjust invoice details section above for full details.

Can I edit details on past invoices?

No - it isn't possible to retroactively edit past invoices. You can only adjust details on invoices going forward (see the Adjust invoice details section).

What payment methods are accepted?

For Pro and Team plans, only credit card payments are accepted. For Enterprise plans, we accept credit cards, ACH, and bank transfers.

How can I control approval of new Doc Makers?

Workspace admins can choose one of three approval methods for Doc Makers in their workspace. To learn all about this setting, check out this article.

Do I get a refund if I remove members from my workspace and cancel my plan?

For customers on our Pro and Team plans: We currently have a no refund policy in place as stated in our Terms of Service. However, we do apply a prorated credit to your account when you remove Doc Makers, downgrade or cancel your plan. This prorated credit will remain available on your account in the event that you re-upgrade the Workspace in the future. Please let us know if you have any issues with viewing this credit once you have downgraded or removed Doc Makers from your Workspace. For more information on canceling (downgrading) your subscription, check this out.

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