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Move docs between folders and workspaces

Learn about the different options and considerations when moving docs to a new folder or even a new workspace

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Sometimes docs need to be moved to new folders or workspaces. Maybe you want to move your to a shared folder, so everyone in your workspace can automatically have access. Or maybe you want to move your doc to a private folder, to restrict access. Or maybe you need to move your doc to an entirely different workspace. This can be done in a few easy clicks!

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Move a doc to a new folder or workspace

Any member of a workspace, an Editor or Doc Maker, can move docs across folders and workspaces. To move a doc, you'll need to:

  1. Be able to edit the doc

  2. Be a member of the destination folder (and destination workspace)

  3. Ensure the doc owner (see Note below) is a member of the destination folder

Note: If the owner of the doc is not a member of the destination workspace, then the doc will not be able to move. If the owner is an editor in the destination workspace then the doc can move but will become read-only.

Once you've determined that you meet the criteria above, moving the doc is easy. From the workspace page, simply click the three horizontal dots ( ... ) to the right of the the doc title and choose Move from the dropdown. You’ll see a dialogue with a list of all the workspaces and folders to which you belong. The workspace name is listed in light grey font, with its corresponding folders listed below. Just select a folder and hit Move to complete.

move doc from doc list.gif

Alternatively, you can also move to a new folder or workspace from within the doc itself. Once the doc is open, just click on the three horizontal dots ( ... ) in the upper left corner, next to the doc’s title. Then select Move. You’ll see the same dialogue as before, where you can choose which folder and workspace to move to.

move doc from within doc.gif

Move multiple docs at once

If you need to move multiple docs at once, you can do this from the doc list. Hover over each docs, and you should see a checkbox appear to the left of the doc title. Check the box for all the boxes you’d like to move, then click the Move button towards the top of the doc list. You'll see the same pop-up, asking you to choose where to move these docs.

move multiple docs.gif


I tried to move a doc across folders (or workspaces) but it became read only. What happened?

You'll see this happen if the owner of the doc is not a Doc Maker in the destination folder or workspace. To resolve this, you can first make sure the doc owner is invited to the destination folder and/or workspace.

Who has the ability to move docs?

Anyone with edit access to the doc will be able to move the doc. Note that even if you’re a workspace admin, you’ll still need to have edit access to a doc to be able to move it.

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