Downgrade your Coda workspace

For workspace admins: how to cancel your Coda subscription or downgrade to a lower tier

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We understand that the features of the paid plans may not be necessary for everyone. So this article will walk you through how to cancel your Coda subscription.

This article is intended only for customers on our Pro and Team plans. If you’re an Enterprise customer looking to downgrade, please contact your account team or Coda Support.

Downgrade your Coda subscription

Note that you have to be a workspace admin in order to downgrade your Coda workspace.

Canceling your Coda plan is synonymous with downgrading to the Free tier. To downgrade your Coda workspace, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your workspace home (

  2. From the options on the left, select the workspace you’d like to downgrade

  3. Go to Workspace settings, then click into the Billing tab

  4. Next to your plan type at the top, select Change plan

  5. Find the plan you want to downgrade to, then click the Downgrade button beneath it. If you want to cancel your subscription entirely, choose the Free plan.

  6. You’ll then see some warnings about what will happen when you downgrade. Depending on your situation, this may include docs becoming read-only. If you still want to proceed, click Downgrade anyway.

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Why are some docs now read-only after downgrading? What can I do about this?

When you downgrade, you’ll have a 14-day grace period to remove any paid features (locking, paid Packs, custom icons, etc.) before your docs become read-only. If you remove those paid features before the 14-day grace period, your docs will remain editable and you won’t experience any interruption. If you’ve passed the grace period without adjusting for those paid elements, your doc will be uneditable. In that case, you’ll need to contact support (through the ? in the bottom right of your doc) for further assistance.

How can I delete a Coda workspace?

If you want to delete a Coda workspace instead of just downgrading it, follow the steps here.

How do I delete my Coda account?

Downgrading and cancelling only applies to workspaces - not to individual Coda accounts. If you’re looking to delete your Coda account entirely, head over to this article.

Who is affected when I downgrade my workspace?

Downgrading applies to the entire workspace, not to your individual account. Therefore all workspaces members and all of their docs will be affected by downgrading.

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