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What’s an admin?

Every Coda workspace automatically has at least one workspace admin - also known as Doc Maker (Admin). All admins are Doc Makers, but not all Doc Makers are admins. Admins set the rules and control the settings. If you create a workspace, you gain the role of Doc Maker (Admin) by default. We recommend a minimum of two Workspace Admins at all times.

How to identify your workspace admin(s):

Anyone in the workspace, regardless of role, can check the current admins.

  1. Click on your workspace name in the left panel.

  2. View the Workspace members on the right panel. After your name, the Admins are listed at the top of the list with the role Doc Maker (Admin) next to their names.

How to add a new admin to your workspace:

Only existing admins can add new admins to the workspace.

  1. Click on your workspace name in the left panel.

  2. In the member panel on the right side of your screen, find the member you wish to upgrade, click on their current role, and select Doc Maker (Admin) in the dropdown

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Admin settings

To get to your Admin settings for your workspace, click on the workspace name on the left panel. This should be right above your My Docs folder. Once you do, you should see a tab for Admin settings.


These settings let you give other Admins a better idea of what to expect. It's a simple way to share the purpose of the workspace and how you'd like it to work.

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Delete Workspace

This section includes a Delete Workspace button. Please note you cannot delete a workspace with documents. All Doc Owners in the workspace must first delete or move all docs out of the workspace. As an Admin, you may encounter the error message shown below even if you've already deleted all docs in your workspace's shared folders. However if you still encounter the error message below, this is an indicator that some Doc Owners in your workspace may still have docs in their My Docs folder or a private folder that you're not a member of.


These settings let you set up how you'd like to be billed as well as review your invoice history. If you ever need to change the type of plan you're on, you can go here as well.


If you want to have greater control over how and when people join your workspace, you'll do so under this menu.

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  • Managing new Doc Makers: If an Editor makes a doc, they'll become a billable Doc Maker. You have a few options for this works. Visit Activity Dashboard (more on that below) to view all membership changes. Learn more about Promoting and Demoting Makers here.

  • Approved email domains: When anyone with an email address from these domains joins Coda, they will automatically join this workspace as an Editor.

    Note: for an Admin to add a domain to this list they will need to have at least one member who has logged into Coda in that domain already in the workspace.

    • While the approved email domains feature is available on all tiers, note that Enterprise workspaces also have access to the Domain Capture. This feature ensures that any accounts with the approved domain automatically join the workspace, while also automatically making those accounts subject to your org-level user policies (sharing restrictions, login method restrictions, pack usage restrictions, etc.).

To remove an email domain so shared domains do not automatically join your workspace that should be more private, hover over the the domain name and click on the trashcan icon.

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Note: Please double check and see if this is your company/domain's official employee-wide Coda workspace before removing the approved email domain. If this was a workspace that you automatically joined, this means someone had set up this workspace before you. We suggest that you create your own separate new free workspace instead. You can always move your docs to the new workspace by following the instructions here.


The activity tab allows you to see granular detail about member and role changes in your workspace. This is especially useful if you want to monitor which users in your workspace are granted Doc Maker or Admin roles. In addition, you can also see when a user was removed from the workspace.

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If you are the admin for a paid workspace, you may also subscribe to daily digest emails that summarize any role changes in your workspace that will impact billing. To subscribe to these emails, hover over the bell icon and toggle the "Role Billing changes" option to on:

Note: Enterprise customers looking for information on our Admin Audit API, check out this article.


Along the right hand side of your screen, you'll see a list of members. You can invite new members by clicking Invite and selecting the appropriate role:

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You can always adjust the roles of your members by clicking the role next to their name. And, if your member list is long, we include a handy search bar at the top:

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Admin abilities & limitations

While admins have the most control of any role in a Coda workspace, there are some limits to these abilities.

  • Admins can re-assign docs to another doc owner, but only when the original owner has been de-provisioned (left the company).

  • Admins can access metadata related to Coda usage on a per-user basis, including: user role (doc maker vs. admin vs. editor), number of docs created, activity frequency, number of collaborators in docs, etc.

  • Admins can remove others from the Coda workspace.

  • Admins cannot access any docs, or doc titles, of anyone in the workspace unless those docs are explicitly shared with them or in a folder that the admin has access to.

  • Admins cannot delete any docs that they don’t already own.

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