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Invite and manage workspace members

Use the Members tab in your Workspace settings to invite new members, monitor doc and AI activity of existing members, change roles, & more

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Collaboration is one of Coda’s strong suits. Not only can you add people to your individual docs, you can also invite them to your Coda workspace. Whether it’s your entire company, your team, or your friends, we recommend adding anyone to your workspace who you’ll be collaborating with regularly in Coda.

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Invite people to your workspace

When you add people to a workspace, they become members. You decide what they can and can't do based on their role (see Roles in Coda: Doc Makers, Admins, and Editors for more info).

To add someone to a workspace, first navigate to, then click on the workspace name in the left panel. Select the Members tab below the workspace name, then look for the Invite button in the upper right corner.

NEW invite to workspace.gif

You can then enter their emails or names to search your contacts. Once you’ve selected the invitee, choose which role this new member should have. If you want them to be able to create and build new docs and pages, you can make them a Doc Maker. If you just want them to be able to view and edit existing docs or pages, make them an editor.

Before you invite them, choose whether to notify them of the invite. If you do opt to notify them, you can enter a brief message for them into the field below.

Once that’s all done, just hit Invite. This will instantly add them to your workspace. Hooray!

Manage existing members

For all Coda workspaces, you can view a full list of workspace members in the Members tab under your workspace name. Here you can search for members and see their roles. Any member of the workspace can access this panel.

For workspace admins in paid workspaces (Pro, Team, and Enterprise), you can do even more in the Members tab within the Workspace settings. Here you can:

To find this Members tab, just go to, click on the workspace name on the left hand panel, and select Workspace settings beneath it. Then, within Workspace settings, you should see the Members tab.

NEW in demo - explore members tab.gif

Note that only Enterprise workspaces will include the Total collaborators column in their Members tab.

Search for workspace members

In the Members tab, you can use the built-in filters to search for specific workspace members. You can filter for current, removed, or offboarded members. You can also search the list of members by name and email using the search bar. When you select multiple members using the checkboxes on the left, you will be able to edit and export the selected list of users.

Assess member activity

As a workspace admin, it’s likely important for you to be able to monitor the high-level activity and usage of your workspace members. This can be especially helpful when deciding which of your members should be editors and which should be Doc Makers.

Under the Members tab, you’ll see the following useful columns for each member:

  • Docs last active: the last time anyone visited a doc that this member owns or contributes to

  • Total docs: the number of docs that this member owns, manages, or to which they have added pages, in the last 90 days

  • AI usage: the amount of AI credits used by this member in the last 90 days. If you want to learn more about AI credits and managing AI usage, check out this article.

💡Tip: You can use the columns above to understand which editors might be ready to become Doc Makers.

Change member roles

You can change the role of a workspace member within the Members tab. Just find the member whose role you want to change. Then, under the Workspace role column, click on their current role to open a drop-down of role options. Choose their new role from these options.

downgrade a doc maker.gif

View and approve Doc Makers

For members that have requested to become Doc Makers, Decline and Approve buttons will appear under the Workspace role column, along with how long until the request is auto-approved. Learn to customize how your workspace members become Doc Makers by checking out this article.

Approve doc maker request (New in demo ws).gif

Note that only existing workspace members can request to become Doc Makers. Non-workspace members will have to contact an admin and be manually added to the workspace as a Doc Maker.

Copy email addresses

If you need to copy the email addresses of multiple workspace members at once, you can do so via the Members tab. Just check the box to the left of all the members in question, then click the Copy emails button above the members list. The emails will be copied to your clipboard.


How can I remove someone from my workspace?

If you’re a workspace admin wanting to remove someone from a specific workspace and reassign doc ownership, check out this article. If you’re an Enterprise org admin wanting to deactivate a members from all managed workspaces, head this way.

What’s a workspace admin?

A workspace admin is a specific type of Doc Maker in Coda. This role comes with elevated permissions that allow admins to adjust settings and make changes for the entire workspace. You can read more about the role here.

How can I control the addition of new Doc Makers in my workspace?

Check out this article to learn all about Doc Maker management and approval controls.

How do I decide which members should be Doc Makers and which should be editors?

Doc Makers have the ability to create and manage docs and pages and use Coda AI, while editors can contribute to existing docs and pages. If you’re a workspace admin, you can use various columns in the Members tab of your workspace settings to determine which current editors might be ready to move into a Doc Maker role. Check out the section above to learn more.

Why do I see someone in my workspace that is no longer with the company?

If there is a doc in your workspace that has an owner that is no longer in the company, you may see their name appear in the workspace membership list. If you remove this person, then their docs become read only until ownership of the doc is changed. Learn about how to transfer docs here.

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