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Tables and views
Tables and views

All things tables, views, columns, and rows

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Columns & column types

Managing columns and understanding the different types

Column basicsLearn about the basics of adding columns to tables, changing column types, auto-filling columns with data, and more
Calculate column valuesUse our calculation builder - or write your own formulas - to automatically fill column values
Managing columns: hiding, un-hiding, and re-orderingAdjusting your views for different audiences
What is the display column?Understand how Coda's default display works
Default column valuesLearn how to set default values for new rows in Coda. Use our helpful builder or write a formula to designate a default column value.
Wrap text in a tableLearn how to wrap text in your tables and column headers for readability
Build dynamic text columns with ComposeThe compose feature lets you build dynamic formatted text in table columns
Change Date Format in a ColumnLearn how to change the date format based on your preferences
Connect tables with relation columnsLearn how to use relation columns (formerly Lookups) to connect tables in Coda. Easily reference another table directly from within a row.
Create two-way table connections with linked relationsOnce you've added a relation column, use linked relations to create a two-way connection between tables
Create select list columnsGet instructions on how to create and customize select list columns in Coda, with tips for using them effectively in your Coda documents.
Progress Bar Column TypeThis feature allows you to add a progress bar column type to each row, providing a clear visual indicator of project progress.
Filtering Select ListsHow to set filter select lists or create dependencies based on row values
Canvas column typeThis feature allows you to add a canvas column type to each row, bringing the flexibility of Coda’s canvas inside any table
People column formatLearn how to create, use, and customize a People column in your Coda tables, so you can easily reference teammates and collaborators
Grouping by a multi-select columnHow to group by a multi-select column so that each group is based on unique items instead of unique combinations of items