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Tables and views
Tables and views

All things tables, views, columns, and rows

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Table basics

Intro to tables and table setup

Overview of TablesLearn how to add tables to your doc so you can start organizing data quickly
Summarize table dataUse Coda's table summary feature to easily summarize data, right in the canvas of your doc. Plus - add column summaries to your table.
Group your table dataOrganize data by bundling common column values via grouping.
Add, select, and delete rowsRows are the core of any table. Learn how to add new ones, and select, expand, or delete existing ones.
Add color and formatting to your tablesEasily visualize data with conditional formatting by adding color and text formatting to your tables
Customize table displaysLearn how to customize your table display by hiding or showing various elements
Row ActivityHow to view activity details about rows in your tables
Subtables: display related row references as a tableAdd subtables to your tables to display relevant row references in a table format. Learn about when to use subtables and how to create them.
Drag-and-drop DataHow to move rows and columns with drag-and-drop
Can I make a copy of a table that is not a view?Yes, you can!
Can I freeze or pin a column or a row?Learn more about freezing and working with your table
Customize row layoutsUse row layouts to customize how row data is displayed in expanded rows, Detail view, and forms
How to remove/delete objects and tablesDeleting a view or a table once it has been created, and moving new views to a different page
How do I combine two tables into one?

Columns & column types

Managing columns and understanding the different types

Column basicsLearn about the basics of adding columns to tables, changing column types, auto-filling columns with data, and more
Calculate column valuesUse our calculation builder - or write your own formulas - to automatically fill column values
Managing columns: hiding, un-hiding, and re-orderingAdjusting your views for different audiences
What is the display column?Understand how Coda's default display works
Default column valuesSet default values for new rows - and change them later as needed
Wrapping Column HeadersResize your column headers with a quick drag
How do I wrap text in a table?Wrap text in your tables for readability
Build dynamic text columns with ComposeThe compose feature lets you build dynamic formatted text in table columns
Change Date Format in a ColumnLearn how to change the date format based on your preferences
Connect tables with relation columnsUse relation columns to reference one table from within another
Create two-way table connections with linked relationsOnce you've added a relation column, use linked relations to create a two-way connection between tables
Create select list columnsLearn how to create, edit, and utilize select list columns in tables.
Progress Bar Column TypeThis feature allows you to add a progress bar column type to each row, providing a clear visual indicator of project progress.
Filtering Select ListsHow to set filter select lists or create dependencies based on row values
Canvas column typeThis feature allows you to add a canvas column type to each row, bringing the flexibility of Coda’s canvas inside any table
People column formatReferring to people in a table
Grouping by a multi-select columnHow to group by a multi-select column so that each group is based on unique items instead of unique combinations of items