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Referring to people in a table

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Creating a People column allows you have a column picker that is automatically populated with the people in your document and workspace folder. In other words, you'll see all individuals who have access to, or have been invited to access, your doc as choices without any fancy programming. You can refer to people in a Coda doc by @ mentioning them.

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If you want to remove people from the dropdown list of a people column, you can right click their entry and select “Remove from list.” Note that you can only remove people who haven’t been explicitly added to the doc.

People column options

The people column format has some unique options. When you open People options, you can adjust the following settings for the column:

  • Notify the person when they’re added to a row in this column

  • Subscribe the person to comments on a row they’ve been selected in

  • Display the person’s avatar only (no names)

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People list in the dropdown

So how does the list of users get into the dropdown? This depends largely on which folder your doc lives in:

MyDoc Folder

The MyDoc folder is the special folder that you get when you are added to a workspace. This is a private folder that others in the workspace cannot see by default. If you explicitly share a doc from the MyDoc folder with someone, then that person will now appear in the dropdown list.

Folder Membership

If the doc is in any other workspace folder, then the people list comes from the members that have joined that folder. You will also see people that have been explicitly added to the doc as guests through the sharing dialog.

Workspace Membership

When browsing the people column drop-down, you’ll see a "show more" option. This will enable you to browse through all the workspace members and select a person that hasn't joined the folder yet or been shared the doc.

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Other Integrations

If you’ve set up other integrations with your Coda account, you may see more options at the bottom of your people dropdown. In the screenshot above, you’ll see the option to invite others from Slack, Google Contacts or Outlook. You can check whether you have these integrations set up by going to, then scrolling down to the “Other Integrations” section.

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