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Columns & column types

Managing columns and understanding the different types

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Column basicsLearn about the basics of adding columns to tables, changing column types, auto-filling columns with data, and more
Add a columnHow to add a column to a table
Calculate column valuesUse our calculation builder - or write your own formulas - to automatically fill column values
Managing columns: hiding, un-hiding, and re-orderingAdjusting your views for different audiences
What is the display column?Understand how Coda's default display works
Default column valuesSet default values for new rows - and change them later as needed
Wrapping Column HeadersResize your column headers with a quick drag
How do I wrap text in a table?Wrap text in your tables for readability
Build dynamic text columns with ComposeThe compose feature lets you build dynamic formatted text in table columns
Change Date Format in a ColumnLearn how to change the date format based on your preferences
Connect tables with relation columnsUse relation columns to reference one table from within another
Create two-way table connections with linked relationsOnce you've added a relation column, use linked relations to create a two-way connection between tables
Create select list columnsLearn how to create, edit, and utilize select list columns in tables.
Progress Bar Column TypeThis feature allows you to add a progress bar column type to each row, providing a clear visual indicator of project progress.
Filtering Select ListsHow to set filter select lists or create dependencies based on row values
Canvas column typeThis feature allows you to add a canvas column type to each row, bringing the flexibility of Coda’s canvas inside any table
People column formatReferring to people in a table
Grouping by a multi-select columnHow to group by a multi-select column so that each group is based on unique items instead of unique combinations of items