Add, select, and delete rows

Rows are the core of any table. Learn how to add new ones, and select, expand, or delete existing ones.

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If you're new to using tables in Coda, this is a good place to start. Learn how to add new rows, select rows, and delete rows.

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Add rows

Depending on the setup and customization of the table, the options for adding rows may vary. Here's a few different ways to add rows:

  • Hover over your table and click the + New row button below the bottom row

  • Hover over the bottom row and click the + icon

  • Click on the bottom row of your table, then hit Enter on your keyboard

  • Click the +New button in the upper right corner of the table (this will also expand the row modal for easy adding)

And if you want to get fancy with it, you can also add rows with buttons!

Select rows

To select a row in a table, click the row handle that appears to the left of the row when you hover over it. Or, if you like keyboard shortcuts, click a cell and hit your keyboard's left arrow key to go all the way to the left, and it should highlight the entire row.


To select multiple rows, select the first row then, press Shift or Command on your keyboard, then select another row. If you're selecting adjoining rows, you can alternatively just arrow down or up while holding down Shift on your keyboard.

Expand rows

Sometimes you may want to see a row in it's expanded view. For instance, maybe a row contains a lot of information and is hard to view within the setting of a full table Expanding allows you to focus in on and see all the details of a specific row.

There are a few ways to expand a row, including:

  • Right-click a row and select Expand row

  • Use the Opt + Space keyboard shortcut

  • Hover over a row and click the expand icon (two opposing arrows) to the left of the row

Once the row is expanded, you can even choose where you want to see this expanded view. Click on the screen icon in the upper right corner of the expanded row, and choose either center (the default), right, or fullscreen from the options. Making this change will affect how you - and only you - view expanded rows from this table.

change to right row detail.gif

Note that when using the right side view of rows, you can even pin the expanded row to keep it open while editing the canvas.

To customize how data data is displayed within this expanded row view, check out this article on row layouts.

Delete rows

Once you've selected rows, you can delete them by simply clicking Delete on your keyboard. You can also delete one or more rows by using right-click to bring up the row menu and select Delete row everywhere.

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