If you’re a workspace admin looking to transfer doc ownership from someone who’s left your organization, check out this article instead.

Every doc in Coda has an owner (check out More info on doc owners below). Occasionally, circumstances require ownership of a doc to be changed: for instance, you may be switching jobs or projects and need to transfer ownership of some docs to your manager. Or perhaps you’ve created a second Coda account and want to hand ownership over to your new account. Either way, just follow the simple steps below to make the change.

Change ownership of via Sharing Dialog

If you’re the owner of a doc, you should be able to transfer ownership via the Sharing dialog.

But first things first: make sure you invite the new owner to your Coda doc as an editor, and make sure they're listed as a Doc Maker in your workspace. Note that if your Coda workspace is backed by Google Drive, the new owner will need to share your domain for this to work.

Once you’ve made sure the above requirement are met, open your Coda doc. In the upper right corner, select Share. You will then see an option to make someone else the owner of the doc. Select Is owner next to the name of the new owner.


Changing ownership via GoogleDrive

This method is only for customers whose Coda workspace is backed by Google Drive. Not seeing your docs in GDrive? Then you’ll likely need to follow the “Via Sharing Dialoginstructions above instead.

If the new owner shares your domain:

Go to Google Drive and right click on the document and select Share. Then click Advanced in the bottom right corner. Lastly, click the dropdown arrow next to the person who you'd like to be the new owner, and change their role to owner. Don't forget to save the changes!

If the new owner does not share your domain:

Google Drive currently doesn't support changing across domains. So if you want to give ownership of a doc to someone outside of your domain, follow these steps:

  1. Share the doc with the person you're giving ownership to

  2. Have the new owner create a copy of the doc, and then reshare that copy with the rest of the team.

More info on doc owners

Each Coda doc has one and only one doc owner. Whoever creates a doc will be the doc owner by default. But owners - and only owners - can then transfer ownership of the doc to a new owner (instructions below). You can determine the owner of a doc by clicking the Share option in the upper-right of the doc, then expanding the Shared with section:

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 10.17.01 AM.png

In addition to all the abilities of a Doc Maker or Editor, doc owners have the exclusive ability to:

Note that doc owners are typically Doc Makers. If a doc owner is downgraded from Doc Maker to an Editor, or if they’re removed from the workspace, their doc(s) will become read-only.

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