Not everyone who works on a Coda doc with you will need the same access. In fact, sometimes restricting abilities is critical for getting the job done and protecting your information. This is why Coda gives you a wide range of roles to choose from for the members of your workspaces.

Let's do a quick rundown of why you would choose the following roles:

  • Admin - This person is going to be the boss of the workspace. They set the rules and can do everything Coda has to offer. If you're creating the workspace, this will most likely be you and anyone else you decide to make an Admin.
  • Doc Maker - These folks have the superpower of creating and managing docs and workspaces.  Within docs, Doc Makers can administer things like changing the title and icon, adjusting the timezone, configuring doc and section locking, and more. You'll choose this role for people who are leading a team's processes and creating docs to run them. 
  • Editor - People with this role won't be able to create docs or folders, but they will be able to make changes. Editors will be able to experience all the building blocks of the doc ー making sections, adding tables, constructing formulas and buttons, adding Packs and Automations, and more. You'll choose this role for people who need to interact with and contribute to docs as part of their job.
  • Guest Editor - Similar to Editors, these people will be able to make changes to docs, but they won't be able to access any other part of your workspace. Guest Editors are great for people outside of your organization who only need to collaborate on an item.
  • Guest Viewer - These are just like Viewers, except that they are from outside of your company. 

Here's a handy chart that will let you compare and contrast roles so you always make the right choice for the job.

*Deleting a doc is restricted to the Doc Maker

Members and Roles FAQs

Do all members cost the same?

Coda believes in Maker billing. Often there’ll be one person who creates a doc, others who edit, and some who simply observe from afar. Most pricing models make you pay for everyone equally. At Coda, we only charge by the Doc Maker. For more information, see our pricing FAQs

What happens if I downgrade a Doc Maker to an Editor or I remove them from the workspace?

When you downgrade or remove a doc maker from a workspace, all the docs where the user is the doc owner will become read-only. You can check who the doc owner is in the sharing dialog of the doc. To change the doc owner, you will need to go to Google Drive and change it from there for each doc you'd like to unlock. You will need to change it to another member of the workspace that has the role of Doc Maker.

How can I see the guests that have access to docs in my workspace?

There are two ways to see the guests that have access to a doc. The first place is in the sharing dialog of the doc itself. Although you will not see exactly who is a guest, it does have the complete list of people who have accessed the doc, which include guests and if they have the ability to edit or view or comment. The second place that you can see guests will be in the workspace settings if you are an admin. Here you can see Guest Editors and Guest Viewers.

Can a guest see other docs in the workspace?

No. A guest can only see the docs that are shared with them.

Am I charged for Guest Editors?

No. Guest Editors, like Editors, are free.

Can I give edit access to people outside my workspace?

Yes! Whenever you share a doc for editing with someone outside of your workspace, they will be added as a Guest Editor. Guest Editors can edit individual docs shared with them, but cannot browse the doc's workspace or folder so you can control what they see.

Keep in mind that all Viewers in a workspace are free too. They can open any shared link to a doc and view and comment on it while not being able to see the full workspace or folder.

What happens when I publicly share my doc?

If you share your doc via the link option, any viewers will still be counted as free. Learn more about link sharing.

Why do I see someone in my workspace that is no longer with the company?

If there is a doc in your workspace that has an owner that is no longer in the company, you may see their name appear in the workspace membership list. If you remove this person, then their docs become read only until ownership of the doc is changed. 

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