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At Coda, we’re strive for the most fair, lowest friction billing model. Unlike other tools where you have to pay for every user, with Coda’s Maker billing, you only pay for the users who are doing the heavy lifting. Read on to learn more about our billing model and available pricing plans.

If you’re ready to upgrade your Coda subscription but need to learn how, check out this article.

Coda’s billing model

With Coda’s unique Maker billing model, we only charge for Doc Makers in paid workspaces. Editors and viewers are entirely free!

ℹ️ A quick note on role definitions:

  • Doc Makers are workspace members who have the ability to create docs, create pages, and use Coda AI.

  • Editors have the ability to update existing pages, but can’t create new docs or pages.

To learn more about the different roles and their abilities, check out this comprehensive article.

When you upgrade to a paid plan, you have the choice of paying annually or monthly. You can use your self-service billing account to change payment methods, update billing details, change pricing plans, and. For more info on managing your billing account, check out this article.

Available pricing plans

Coda offers a range of pricing plans, so there’s sure to be one that fits the needs of you and your team.

  • Free - Choose this plan if you're just getting started on Coda. You'll be able to share docs with as many people as you like, and even keep your docs organized with folders. Personal docs won’t have any size or object limits. And if you outgrow the Free plan, you can easily upgrade down the line.

  • Pro - This plan is ideal if you plan on building large docs, but won't be working actively with a team. You'll have no cap on the doc size and access to more automations and Packs.

  • Team - The key is in the name - if you're planning on collaborating with a team, select this option. You'll get more automations and Packs, and doc protection features for added control.

  • Enterprise - Choose this plan if you're planning on rolling out Coda across multiple teams or departments. With increased scalability (through SSO), hands-on support, and additional admin controls, this plan allows you to get the most out of Coda. We'll help you find the custom fit for your situation.

For detailed, up-to-date information on our pricing plans - and what’s included in each plan - check out our pricing page. There, you’ll also find an interactive pricing calculator.


How do I know which pricing plan to choose?

There are four pricing plans to select from: Free, Pro, Team, Enterprise. For a quick take on each plan, check out the Available pricing plans section above. For full details on the offerings and limitations of each plan, head to our pricing page.

Do I also pay for workspace admins?

Yes - workspace admins are a type of Doc Maker. Therefore, you pay for each workspace admin and Doc Maker in your workspace.

How much does each pricing plan cost?

With our Maker billing model, you only pay for Doc Makers in your workspace. Each pricing plan (Free, Pro, Team, and Enterprise) has a different cost per Doc Maker. To see the cost per Doc Maker, head to our pricing page.

What roles do I pay for and why?

To upgrade a free workspace to a paid one, you only need to pay for a single Doc Maker to get started. As you grow into your workspace, you can invite additional members to become Doc Makers in your workspace. At the end of each billing cycle, you will be billed for the workspace based on how many Doc Makers there are. Any changes to the number of Doc Makers in the workspace mid-cycle are automatically prorated.

When will I get billed for my workspaces?

For our Pro and Team tiers: When you sign up for a new plan, you will be billed up front for all the Doc Makers in your workspace. If you add a new paid user to your workspace (or upgrade an existing one), we'll prorate them for the remainder of your billing cycle. On the annual plan, you will be charged monthly for these additional membership changes, with prorations applied for the remainder of the billing year.

For our Enterprise customers: Our Enterprise plan allows for custom billing to fit your needs. Want to learn more? Reach out to us!

What payment methods are accepted?

For the Pro and Team tiers, only credit card payments are accepted. For our Enterprise tier, we also accept ACH and bank transfers.

Will I still be able to build powerful docs in the free plan?

Absolutely! Docs gain access to more features and capabilities based on your workspace plan. Just as promised, we have a healthy free tier that gives you the ability to use a large set of our features for free. Personal docs that aren’t shared with others won’t have any doc size or object limits. You can read all about what's included here.

If you go above any limits of the free plan, we give you two weeks to upgrade or scale back - so we don't slow down the speed of your team. For more on this, please check out How is doc size calculated in the free plan?

How do I upgrade to an Enterprise plan?

To get started with upgrading to an Enterprise plan, check out this page.

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