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Inviting people to collaborate
Sharing a Coda doc with a link
Embedding your Coda docs
Other sharing options
Sharing FAQs

  • How do I share a doc with Coda Support?
  • Can I hide a specific Section from someone?

Inviting people to collaborate

You can collaborate on your Coda doc with anyone, as long as they have a Google email address. Simply click the Share icon in the upper right and type the email address of the person you'd like to share with:

 When you invite someone, you can decide what type of access they'll have:

Searching for others at your company

If your account is part of a Google G Suite, suggestions for others at your company will appear as you type.   If suggestions do not show, your administrator needs to configure G Suite settings to enable API access, contact sharing, and external directory sharing of domain and public data. 

Sharing at scale
If you know that you'll be working on several docs with this person, you might want to invite them to your folders and workspaces instead.

Sharing a Coda doc with a link

Instead of having to enter email addresses, you can also share a Coda doc with a link! You can now  share using a link with people outside of your organization, and even choose different access levels for your coworkers than for everyone else.

Start by clicking the Share icon in the upper right. You'll then see  two options:

  • Anyone with a link at your domain
  • Anyone with the link

You can then click the dropdown menu next to each option and select the sharing level that seems right. 

For people within your domain, you can select

  • Can view for read-only access
  • Can comment for adding feedback using comments
  • Can edit if you'll need them to make changes to the doc
  • No access if they shouldn't be able to open or view the doc

Embedding your Coda docs

You can also embed your Coda doc on your website, blog, wiki or pretty much anywhere else. Just click the Embed button in the Share menu, and copy the embed code to paste onto your website.

When you select the option to embed a Coda doc, you have a few more choices you can make to customize the experience:

  • Enable play which allows people to explore your doc without saving their changes
  • Hide section list to remove the left menu of all the parts of your doc
  • Add a height and width so it fits perfectly into the space you have available

 Keep in mind, viewers will still be able to play with the doc, see the section list and view open comments by clicking the Open in Coda button.

Other sharing options

Copy Doc button

When viewing a View Only doc, you can also select to Copy the doc which is a great option for creating template docs and letting your team reuse them by creating copies.

Sharing FAQs

How do I share a doc with Coda Support?

You can share a doc with support by clicking the ... next to <> Embed in the Share settings. This allows the doc to be shared with the Coda team for 7 days, unless permissions are removed before this time. 

Can I hide a specific section from someone?

At this time, we do not support Section level access control.  But, we want to hear from users like you about what you would expect to see. If you have feedback or a bright idea, send it our way at Stay tuned!

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