Invite Google Groups to your doc

One more way to share your doc: invite specific Google Groups. Learn how here.

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Coda allows you to share your docs in a number of different ways (which you can read all about here). More recently, we’ve added the ability to share a doc with specific Google Groups. This allows you to easily share your doc with a large number of people with only a few clicks.

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Invite specific Google Groups to your doc

If you use Google Groups, you can share docs with a large number of people by directly inviting the group email address to your doc.

To share docs with Google Groups, just click the Share button in the upper right corner of the doc. Then, in the text field, type the Google group email address that you’d like to share the doc with. Click on the Invite Google Group email button to provide your OAuth credentials. After that, decide what type of access the group should have and simply hit Send!


Alternatively, you can also provide your OAuth credentials and connect with Google Groups by going to the Members page in your workspace, and navigating to the Groups tab. Once you’ve connected with Google Groups, go to any doc that you want to share and type the email address of the Google Group you'd like to share with. Then click on the Invite Google Group email button and hit send!

If you’ve previously shared docs with Google Groups, please remove those email addresses and re-add them by clicking on the Invite Google Group email button.

Note: You or at least one member in your workspace must connect with Google Groups by providing your OAuth credentials to enable sharing with Google Groups. Once you or a workspace member provides their OAuth credentials, everyone in the workspace will be able to share docs with Google Groups.

Once you have shared your doc with a valid Google Group email address, you’ll also see all the Google groups you have access to in auto-complete the next time you share a doc.

Access a doc that’s been shared with your Google Group

To access a doc that is shared with a Google Group, members of the group need to provide their OAuth credentials so Coda can verify their group membership and grant access to the doc.

If you see the screen below when you are trying to open a doc that’s shared with a group you’re a member of, click on Check Groups access button and provide your OAuth credentials to open the doc.



Can someone that’s not part of our organization share docs with our Google Groups?

Yes, however group members may / may not get notified based on the Google Groups setting. If your organization does not allow “anyone on the web” to post to a Google group, members of the group will not get email notifications when someone shares a doc with that group. Group members would need a link to the doc to access it.

Can I share docs with any Google group?

Sharing with Google groups is only available for Google Workspace users. We do not support sharing with personal Google groups (i.e groups with a extension). We also do not support sharing with nested groups.

How can I learn about other ways to share my doc?

Check out this comprehensive article on sharing your doc.

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