Domain sharing with Coda

Available for doc owners with a business email address, domain sharing makes sharing with your team simple

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If you're logged in to Coda with a business email address (for example, - not, you'll have the opportunity to share any docs that you own with everyone else that has the same domain as you (their email ends in the same as yours).

Here are some details on how this feature works.

Determining whether you can share with your domain

If you're not sure whether you can use this feature, simply create a new doc & open up the share panel by clicking Share in the top right corner of your doc:

Your email domain will appear directly under the setting for Anyone with the link if you are signed in with a business email address.

Using the domain sharing setting

In the share panel, update the domain sharing setting to the intended level for anyone else whose Coda account email ends in the same domain as yours:

  • Can view for read-only access

  • Can comment for adding feedback using comments

  • Can edit if they should be able to make changes to the doc

  • No access (default) if they should not be able to open or view the doc unless its shared with them a different way

Once you add view, comment or edit access to your domain as the doc owner, anyone with access to change permissions in the doc will be able to update it. If you set it back to No access, others will no longer be able to share the doc with your domain.

To set editor access to change doc sharing:

Here's where to find the configuration to allow anyone with edit access to update who the doc is shared with - click the toggle icon in the top right corner of the share panel to get to this menu:

Flipping this toggle on means that any editors can update sharing for your doc, and setting this toggle off means that only you as the doc owner can update sharing settings.

Note that this setting is not specific to domain sharing, this applies to any type of doc sharing.

Switching domains

Below are a few scenarios involving updating the domain sharing on a doc.

Your account changes domain

If the domain of your Coda account changes - for example, your organization updates your domain through Google workspace ( --> - you will be able to add your new domain for docs that you own. To do this:

  1. Open the share panel in a doc that you own that's shared to your old domain

  2. Update access to your old domain to No access

  3. Close the share panel

  4. Open the share panel again, and your new domain should appear as shown here

If you would like to bulk update domain sharing for all docs in a workspace because your company has changed domains, send the request to Coda support.

You want to share the doc with a different domain instead

Remember that you must be the doc owner to share a doc with your domain (limited to your Coda account's domain). To update a doc's domain sharing to a different domain, you will first have to transfer doc ownership to another Coda user whose account matches the domain that you'd like to share with. Then you will have to update sharing access to your domain to No access. Finally, the person you transferred ownership to will have to open the share panel and update the domain sharing to share to the new domain. Note that this will only work once you've set the original domain share to No access and have closed and reopened the share panel.

You want to share the doc with multiple domains

Sharing a doc with multiple domains is not supported at this time. A doc can only be shared with the owner's domain.

Other considerations

Please note that this feature is available for all docs on all workspaces! The only limitations are that you must be:

This feature is not impacted by your workspace's domain settings. For more on workspace domain settings, read Workspace admins: settings and abilities.

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