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What is Doc Publishing?

Publishing is a new sharing option that lets you broadcast your ideas to the world. Your doc gets a unique URL, which unfurls when pasted in many sites (including social networks).

If you set your published doc to discoverable, your doc will be made available for search indexing so that it can find an even broader audience. You can also determine how people can interact with your doc, and whether they can copy it to use as a template.

How do I publish my Coda doc?

🌟 Please note, only the Doc Maker will be able to publish Docs or Forms. 🌟

Publishing a Coda doc is not too different from sharing it! You'll use the "Share" button in the upper righthand corner to open your publishing options:

(Note: before publishing a doc, you may want to consider adding a cover photo, a subtitle, and/or an author byline.)

Here are all the steps you'll want to follow to publish a doc:

  1. Click the "Share" button in the upper righthand corner.

  2. Choose the "Publish" tab. If this is your first time publishing from your Coda account, you will be able to choose a Coda username. (Learn more about creating your maker profile here.)

  3. Determine whether your doc should be discoverable. Toggle this setting off to prevent others from finding your doc in searches. Turning this on will also mean that your doc shows up in our doc gallery.

  4. Set your doc interaction level. You can set your docs to "View," "Play," or "Edit." (We'll talk a bit more about each of these interaction levels below!)

  5. Choose a doc category. If you have "discoverability" turned on, this will determine under which category your doc appears in the gallery.

  6. Set your preferred doc settings:
     a. Copy: Should users see a button encouraging them to copy your doc to create       their own version of the doc?
     b. Show pages up top: Toggle this on to make you pages look like tabs at the         top of your published doc, with subpages as drop-down options.

  7. Choose a URL for your doc—we suggest leaving the default URL.

  8. Click 'Open preview' to see how your doc will look when Published, or click 'Next' to proceed.

  9. Confirm whether you want to show a masthead (cover image) and optimize your alignment.

  10. Click 'Apply and publish' to publish your doc with your selected settings.

Here's what all of those steps look like put together!

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How do the different interaction levels work?

Publishing currently supports three levels of interaction: view, play, and edit. These levels apply to anyone with a link to your doc (including those who find it via search engine, if you have "Discoverability" toggled on).

View: If you select the "view" option, anyone with the link will be able to view your doc, but not interact with it or edit it. Please note controls like sliders, reactions, scales and buttons that would edit the doc will be disabled. This is a good option for articles, manuals, blog posts, etc.

Play: Docs set to play can be viewed and interacted with by anyone (including those without Coda accounts or are not logged in), but their changes won't be saved. This is a good option for quizzes, calculators, worksheets, etc.

Edit: Docs in edit mode will allow anyone to view, interact with, and make changes to your doc. Changes made to docs in edit mode will be saved. This is a good option for voting, brainstorming, crowdsourcing, etc.

Please note you have to be signed in to your Coda account to edit the published doc. If you are logged out, the buttons and controls will be disabled. Sign up or log in to use them.

How will edits to my published docs be applied?

Any edits you make to your published docs, including edits to the doc settings and interact mode, will be reflected automatically after a few minutes.

How can I unpublish a published doc?

To unpublish a currently published doc, open your sharing settings from the "Share" button in the upper righthand corner and go to the "Published" tab. Click the "Unpublish" button in the lower righthand corner of the popup:

Can I see how many times my published doc has been viewed or copied?

Yes! Check out the Publishing Stats article in our Help Center.

After publishing your doc, you can see statistics for how many times your doc has been viewed or copied in your doc settings. On Coda.io, navigate to your doc (not the published version), then click the gear icon in the upper righthand corner, then "Statistics":

More questions? Check out our publishing FAQs

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