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Deactivate users and transfer their docs
Deactivate users and transfer their docs

For Enterprise only: deactivate members from your org, manage doc transfer requests, and transfer ownership of docs from deactivated members

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This articles applies only to customers on our Enterprise tier. If you’re on a Free, Pro, or Team tier, check out this article on workspace offboarding instead.

Let's say an employee is no longer with your organization, and needs to be deactivated from all the Coda workspaces that belong to your organization. This article will walk you through the processes to deactivate (and reactivate) members from your organization, as well as how to transfer ownership of this member’s docs to active members

A few things to note.

  • First, you’ll need to be an org admin to complete this process (workspace admin is not sufficient).

  • Second, this article outlines the steps to deactivate users from your organization and transfer their docs to new owners. If you’re trying to permanently remove a user from a specific workspace, follow these steps to offboard the user instead.

  • You will only be able to deactivate or reactivate users that belong to your organization and owned domains.

  • Lastly, members in your organization can request ownership of docs that were owned by deactivated users. To view and manage doc transfer requests, jump to the view and manage doc transfer requests section.

Within this article you’ll find...

When to deactivate vs offboard

Deactivate users when they are no longer with your organization. Doing so will deactivate their Coda account and allow you to transfer all their docs to a new owner. Should the user ever be reactivated, Coda will recognize them as the same user as before; they will regain any doc access that they previously had (prior to their deactivation).

Remove and offboard a user from specific workspaces when you want to permanently remove someone from a Coda workspace. For example: You want to permanently remove the contractors or vendors that were added to your workspace after a project is complete.

Deactivate members

If you’re an admin of an Enterprise organization, you can deactivate or reactivate users from organization settings. Note that workspace admins do not have this ability - only org admins do.

Step 1:

Open your organization admin console. To do this, go to, then click on the ... menu in the bottom left corner of the screen, then select Organization Settings.

Step 2:

From here, navigate to the Org membership tab, and select Manage org users.

Step 3:

You’ll see a list of all the active members that use Coda in your organization in the Active Members tab.

If you have SCIM enabled: The Deactivate user button will be disabled, since members provisioned via SCIM will be automatically deactivated and reactivated via your IDP. You can proceed to the next step to transfer docs owned by the deactivated member.

If you don’t have SCIM enabled: You can search for, and select one or more users to deactivate from this page. Click on the Deactivate user button to deactivate the selected users.

Transfer doc ownership

Now that you’ve followed the steps above to deactivate the org member, you just need to transfer ownership of their docs. This ensures that you don’t lose any important data, and that team docs continue to work without a hitch.

Step 4:

Once you have deactivated a user, you should now see their name under the Deactivated members tab. Only deactivated users appear in this list. If the user is not in this list, they might not be a part of your organization's registered domains, or they may not have been deactivated through your identity provider via SCIM.

Click on the Transfer docs button next to their name to initiate the transfer of all their docs to a new owner. Alternatively, to view all docs owned by the deactivated user and selectively transfer docs, click on the three horizontal dots (next to the Transfer docs) button, and select Manage docs.

Note: If you don’t have SCIM enabled, you can also reactivate a user by clicking on the ... menu (next to the Transfer docs button) and select Reactivate user.

Step 5:

Type the name of soon-to-be new owner of these docs. Then click Transfer Ownership, and all the docs owned by the deactivated user will be transferred to the new owner. You should see Done transferring docs appear next to the user once the transfer is complete.

Note: Only active organization users will appear in the New owner options. If the user is not on this list, they might not be a part of your organization's registered domains.

That’s it! You’ve successfully deactivated the user and transferred their docs to a new owner. This ensure those docs will continue to operate smoothly.

View and manage doc transfer requests

Members of your organization can request ownership of a doc owned by a deactivated user. You can view and manage these requests by entering the Organization settings, selecting the Org Membership tab, then clicking the Manage doc transfer requests button.

Here, you will see requests from members of your organization to claim ownership of specific docs that were previously owned by deactivated users. You can approve their doc ownership request or select new owners to transfer the docs to.

You can also see all the individual docs owned by a deactivated member and transfer them to new owners by selecting the deactivated user using the filter at the top right. To transfer individual docs to new owners, select a new owner for each doc and click on the Transfer button.


Who can I transfer docs owned by deactivated members to?

You can transfer all the docs owned by deactivated users to anyone in your organization such as their manager or someone they worked closely with. Note: To own a doc, members need to be Doc Makers in their workspace.

In addition to that, any member of your organization will be able to request ownership of specific docs owned by a deactivated member. You can see outstanding doc transfer requests, and approve their requests or transfer the doc to a new owner by following the steps above.

Can I transfer a member's docs without deactivating them?

No, you will need to first deactivate the member in order to transfer ownership of their docs. If the member is still active, they can change ownership of their own docs following the steps described here.

How can I reactivate a deactivated member?

The process for reactivating a member is very similar to deactivating. Check out the Deactivate members section above, and you’ll see some notes within the instructions for how to reactivate members.

What happens when I reactivate a formerly deactivated member?

If you reactivate an org member, Coda will recognize them as a former member. They will automatically be granted access to all the docs they previously had.

When should I deactivate a users versus offboard them from a workspace?

Great question! Check out the section above to understand the differences between these two options.

How can I configure SCIM?

If you’re on Coda’s Enterprise plan, you have the option to enable SCIM for your organization. Here’s an article with all the info you’ll need.

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