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What is the Jira Data Center pack?

Coda customers can connect to their on-premise instances of Jira using the Jira Data Center pack. Please note this is a separate pack from the Jira pack which is for cloud-based instances of Jira.

Installing and setting up the Jira Data Center pack

Before getting into the installation steps, we recommend reaching out to the admins(s) of your Jira workspace to ensure you have approval to connect Coda to your on-premise Jira instance. Otherwise the Jira Data Center pack may fail to connect, as it will not have been authorized. Additionally, your Jira admins will be able to provide information necessary to connecting Coda to the Jira Data center pack.

To install the Jira Data Center pack, you can follow the usual steps to install a pack. the main notable difference will be that you'll be asked to provide a URL and an API token.

The URL refers to the URL by which to access your on-premise instance. As this is specific to each customer's instance of Jira, we recommend consulting your Jira admins to confirm this URL.

The API token refers to a unique identifier you can obtain from Jira to permit Coda to connect to your Jira instance. To obtain this from Jira:

  1. select your profile picture at the top right of the screen, then choose Profile. Once you access your profile, select Personal Access Tokens in the left-hand menu.

  2. Select Create token.

  3. Give your new token a name. You should now be able to use this token to permit Coda to connect to your Jira Data Center instance.

If your admin has approved Coda to connect to your instance of Jira Data Center and you've provided the above information you should be able to connect successfully.

If you are struggling to connect despite following the above guidance and getting approval from your Jira admins, feel free to contact Coda support via the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen or by emailing

Learning how to use the Jira Data Center pack

The Jira Data Center pack leverages the same functionality present in the Jira (cloud) pack (barring the sign-in method). You may find documentation on that here:


1. What ports or IP addresses do I need to add to the allowlist in Jira to connect with Coda?

HTTP requests originating from Packs will come from a few different IP addresses. The specific set of addresses will change over time, and without prior warning. You can query the current set of IP addresses by doing a DNS lookup on the domain

dig +short
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