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Learn how to authenticate a Pack and connect it to your account.

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Not all Packs require authentication, but those that are accessing private data in another application or service will first need to be connected to your account.

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What are Pack accounts?

A Pack account represents your account in another app or service that the Pack will connect to. For example, the Slack Pack needs to connect to your Slack account. You can add multiple accounts for the same Pack, for instance if you are a part of multiple Slack workspaces.

Connect an account

After you’ve installed a Pack and are starting to put it to use (adding a sync table, creating a Pack button, etc.), you will be automatically prompted to connect to your account.

You can always come back later and connect additional accounts by clicking Insert > Packs > {Pack Name} > Settings. You can either add a private account by clicking into the drop-down under Private account. Or add a shared account by clicking the + Add a shared account button. You can read about the difference between private and shared accounts here.

The authentication process is different for every Pack, and can include approval dialogs, copying and pasting tokens, or entering a username and password. Consult the Pack listing page for more information about the type of authentication the Pack uses.

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If you have previously installed the Pack in a different doc you can alternatively choose to connect to your existing account. Pack accounts can be used across multiple docs, so you don’t need to sign in each time you want to use the Pack.

Account permissions

When connecting an account you will need to determine if and how other collaborators of the doc can use it. For example, you may want to allow anyone to use your Slack account to sync in a list of channels, but not let them send Slack messages as you.

There are two prompts that determine these permissions:

  1. Who can view data from this account?

    1. You and anyone this doc is shared with

    2. Nobody

  2. Who can take actions using this account?

    1. Only you

    2. Anyone this doc is shared with

    3. Nobody

Select the options that best match how you plan to use the Pack in that doc. If you change your mind later you can reconnect the Pack with the updated permissions.

Shared vs. private account

Most Packs allow you to set up both private accounts and shared accounts. A private account is one that only you - the person setting up that account - can use to take actions from the Coda doc. A shared account is one that can be used to take actions by anyone who has access to the doc. Check out the video below for more info on this distinction.

Disconnect an account

If you want to disconnect a shared account so that other folks in your doc will no longer have access, you can do that via the Pack settings.

  1. Click on Insert in the upper right corner of your doc

  2. Click on Packs

  3. Select the Pack in question

  4. Under the Settings tab, find the shared account you want to disconnect

  5. Click on the down arrow to the right of that account, and select Disconnect. When you see the confirmation prompt, hit Disconnect again.

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If instead you want to fully disconnect an account from Coda, so that Coda no longer has access to this account, you can do this via your Coda account settings.

  1. Head to your account page, and find the Accounts connected to Packs section

  2. Scroll to the Pack in question

  3. Find the account you’d like to disconnect, and click the down arrow to the left of it

  4. You can then choose to either Disconnect this account from specific docs, or you can click Remove this account to remove all access to this account


How can I see which accounts are connected for a given Pack?

The easiest way to find this information is to click on Insert in the upper right corner of your doc, then Packs, then the Pack name, then click into the Settings tab. Here, you’ll see a list of all the accounts connected for this Pack, including both Private accounts and Shared accounts.

How can view all of my accounts, for all Packs?

Open your account settings and scroll down to the ACCOUNTS CONNECTED TO PACKS section. There you can find a list of all of the Packs you’ve authenticated with, which accounts you have connected them to, and which docs are using those accounts. From there you can disconnect an account from a particular doc, or remove it entirely from your Coda account.

How does Coda keep my account data secure?

Security is top-of-mind when it comes to Packs. You can read all about how Coda keeps your account data secure here.

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