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Connect Coda to your on-premise instance
Connect Coda to your on-premise instance

For IT admins: understand the requirements for connecting Coda to your on-premise instance

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This article is intended for IT administrators who are installing an on premise version of the Coda Pack to their workspace. Coda supports on-premise Packs like Jira Data Center and GitLab Self-Managed, for instance.

While the install flows for each of these Packs are separate, each have common requirements to connect Coda and your on-premise instance. This article will walk you through these requirements.

ℹ️ For step-by-step instructions on installing and connecting to the Jira Data Center Pack (for on-premise Jira instances), check out this article.

If you’re looking for details on the security of Coda’s Packs platform, please visit our Overview of Pack Security article.

Enterprise admins: Enabling Packs

Before we get started, for admins in an Enterprise workspace you’ll first need enable your team to install the Pack. You can do this by going to your doc list > Organization Settings > Packs > All Packs, and searching for the specific Pack. If any of your workspace members has requested this Pack previously, you will see the requests on this page as well.

For full instructions on managing Packs in your Enterprise workspace, click here.

Requirements to access the On-Premise System

On-premise Packs have a common set of requirements to connect your on-premise service to Coda.

Requirement #1: On-premise system must be served via HTTPS and have an SSL certificate signed by a public certificate authority. The fetcher only supports the HTTP protocol and requires that the connection be secured with SSL. This requirement ensures a secure connection to your on-premise system.

Requirement #2: On-premise system must have a publicly accessible hostname that resolves to an Internet-accessible IP address. Coda requires a public IP address and hostname in order to access your on-premise system over the internet.

Requirement #3: If a firewall or VPN is used to secure access to the system at a network level, the IT administrator must add an IP allowlist so that Coda can access this system. In order to find the existing set of IP addresses, you can perform a DNS lookup on the domain You can read more about how to do this in our developer documentation.

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