Getting Started

Connecting Your Jira Account

To connect your Jira Pack open the "Explore" menu in the top right of your doc, choose Packs, and then select Jira.

You'll be prompted to sign in to your Jira account to authenticate the connection.

Adding A Pack Table

You can quickly add a Jira pack table by typing / in the canvas of your document to bring up the quick insert menu. Once the menu is open type "Jira" and select the Pack table from the list.

Common Use Cases

Creating Issues in Coda

You can create brand new issues in your Jira projects with Coda by using a button. You can add this button to a table or to the canvas of your document. You'll need to specify the type of issue depending on how your team has setup your project (e.g, "Story" or "Issue") and a summary (i.e, what the issue is.)

Using JSONParse() to Extract Issue Data

Some custom fields in Jira are returned in nested JSON and must be extracted with a formula to be captured as a column in your Coda table. In this example, we want to extract the "Name" field from "Fix Versions." You can read more about using the ParseJSON formula here.


What versions of Jira do you support?

Currently Coda is only able to connect with cloud versions of Jira hosted by Atlassian. If your Jira is on-premise you won't be able to connect it to Coda at this time.

Are you able to draw in Epics like you can Issues?

Right now our Jira pack lacks the ability to capture Epics in a table.

How can I use JQL to sync Issues with more specificity?

You can learn about that in depth here.

Some of my custom fields aren't coming through. Why is that?

If you have custom fields that share the same name this can introduce problems with Coda when using a next-gen project. If that might be the case here changing the name of the field can solve this issue.

Some of my fields are coming through formatted incorrectly. What's happening?

Certain rich-text formats don't render properly with the Jira pack in Coda. If your field that isn't rendering correctly is using rich-text try disabling that to bring things through as plain text.

Some of my Jira issues aren't syncing through at all. Where are they?

Coda has a size limit for the data we're able to successfully draw through into a Pack table. Some Jira issues, in particular those with links to lots of others, can be too large and therefore won't come through to your pack table. If you think that might be the case you can reach out to our support team to confirm.

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