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Sometimes you need to add or move a page to a new or existing doc. But who has time for copy/paste? Good news - you can copy a page to another doc with the click of your mouse.

How to copy a page to another doc

Simply hover over the name of the Page you want to copy and click on the three dots menu (...) that appears. Click "Copy to doc."

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To copy to an existing doc, just choose from your list of existing docs in the menu, then select "Next" to copy the page.

Copy a page to an existing doc.gif

To copy to a new doc, select “New doc” from the menu, then hit "Next." Then choose the folder you want to add the new doc to, and select "Copy."

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Copy options for tables

If your page contains a table, you will be prompted to select the rows to include in your copied doc.

You can select from:

  • All rows, including those hidden by a filter

  • Visible rows only

  • No rows, just column headers

If you wish to copy the structure of the doc, but not the data, choose "No rows, just column headers."

copy rows image.gif

Copy options for subpages

If your page contains subpages, those subpages will automatically be copied as well unless you toggle the "Include subpages" option to “OFF”.

subpage image.gif

Tips and tricks

  1. When a page is copied, table views get upgraded to tables, meaning your tables will no longer talk to each other. When you copy pages to a new doc they will not be connected. Do not copy and remove a page if you need it to connect to another page in your original doc.

  2. Need to share a page with a co-worker, but can’t share the whole doc? Copy a page to a new doc for easy viewing with less granular sharing permissions.

  3. Copying a page to a new doc is an easy way to create your own template. Maybe you like the structure of a page and you want to use it in a different doc.

  4. This action does not relocate your original page. If you don’t want two copies available in your workspace, once you copy a page remember to go back to the original doc and delete the original page.

  5. Activity history and timestamps will not copy over to the new doc. New timestamps will begin with the new, copied doc.

  6. Sharing permissions for the page will be associated with the new or existing doc you move the page to.

  7. If you've disabled copying for your doc, you will not be able to copy a page from the doc into another doc.

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