Signing into Coda

Head to and click Sign In in the top-right corner.

Depending on your team's settings, you'll be able to authenticate with an email & password, your Google account, or your company's SSO provider.

Once you're in, you'll be immediately brought to your Docs Page. You'll see all the docs you have access to listed here. If your workspace is connected to Google Drive, your Coda docs are also available in your Google Drive account.

Signing out of Coda

To sign out of Coda, click your picture in the upper-right corner of any Coda doc and scroll down to Sign Out.


What if I don't have a Google account?

No worries - we now support email + password sign in or SSO for our enterprise users.

What if I use my Google account to log in but want to use email/password?

(Note: the following only applies if your Google Login is associated with a company-managed Google Workspace. If this does not apply to you, you can skip to the second paragraph.)

If you already use Google Login, but would like to create a new account that utilizes email and password login using a different email address, you should make sure your company’s IT policy and Coda administrator allow non-Google login; this may require disconnecting your workspace from Google Drive if it is currently connected. Let us know by emailing and we can help you make this transition.

Once you are cleared per the above, you can set-up email and password login for a new email address by following these steps. Head on over to your Account Settings paged by clicking your avatar in the top right. Here, you'll see a new Security Settings section where you can add a password that will initiate a verification email to the email you have on file.

After confirming, you'll be able to log in with that email and password, bypassing any Google account authentication.

Can I merge two accounts together?

No. If you set-up a new account with a new email & password, you would have to explicitly share docs between your old account and your new account on a doc-by-doc or folder-by-folder basis 

I'm trying to set-up email + password login for an email address I use with Google Login, but when I click "Sign In" and enter my email address, I just get the Google Login (or SSO) promptーHelp!

If you already use an email address to login to Coda using Google Login, you cannot use that same email address to set-up email + password login.

This is likely because you are choosing "Sign In" and not "Sign Up." If you click "Sign Up" and use your existing email address (matching it exactly and with case-sensitivity of all letters) you should be able to configure email + password login.

Where can I learn more about Coda and account security?

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