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Forgot your Coda login details? Here's how to regain access.

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How to Reset Password

Email & Password Logins

To reset your password:

1. Go to and select the email option.

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2. Then click the Forgot password? link.

Google Logins

If you signed up with Google, you will not be able to reset your password using the Forgot password link. Instead, follow Google’s Account recovery steps to regain access to your Google login, then sign in with Coda.

If you need to deactivate your Google account, make sure you go to your account settings and switch to an email and password login before you deactivate the email login.

You’ll need to sign in with your Google account to visit your Coda account settings at and switch to an email and password login.

Google Account Access

If you’ve lost access to your Google account and need to request access to recover your associated Coda account, please contact us at

Lost 2FA

Life happens. If your Authenticator app is no longer usable, we can manually reset your account. This reset process requires a mandatory 14-day waiting period during which you can contact us to cancel the request. To start this process, please send an email from your Coda account email to requesting a 2FA reset.

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