How to add 2FA to your Coda account

Coda can support two-factor authentication (2FA) for accounts using email/password logins (not Google SSO). You can optionally add 2FA to your account by taking the following steps:

  1. Visit

  2. Under "Security Settings", turn the "Two-step verification" toggle on:

Please note you will need to add a password to your account first.

 3. Once you turn on two-step verification, you'll see a QR code that you can scan              with any authenticator app.

   4. Enter the six-digit code provided by the authenticator app and you should be               good to go!


What is 2FA?

2FA stands for two-factor authentication and is a means to ensure your account can't be accessed by bad actors in the event someone is able to guess your email and password combination or otherwise gain access to your account. Because 2FA requires confirmation from a separate device, your account is more protected. Most authenticators use codes that are regenerated every 60 seconds.

What authentication apps does Coda support?

Any authenticator app should work with 2FA on Coda. If you don't have a preferred authenticator app already, here are a few popular examples:

Check the app store on. your device to find the version that works for you! You can explore other popular authenticators here.

Can I turn off 2FA after turning it on?

You can turn off 2FA at any time from your account settings . You'll be prompted to enter your code when you do this:

If you get a new device, make sure you disable 2FA on the old device before getting rid of it.

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