Copy and paste in Coda

Reuse and connect content in your doc

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If you have parts of a Coda doc that you want to reuse or repurpose, you can simply use copy/paste. It's also a great way to take parts of a template or a teammate’s doc and make them your own.  

We will always preserve the relationships between any tables, views, controls, and buttons you paste.  Copy/paste will also preserve any formatting (including conditional formatting) present in your doc.

To access Coda’s copy/paste, use standard keyboard shortcuts:

  • Mac:  Copy - Command+c, Cut - Commend+x, Paste - Command+v

  • PC:    Copy - Ctrl+c, Cut - Ctrl+x, Paste - Ctrl+v

What are the different linking options for copy/paste?

If you are pasting one or more tables inside the same doc, we will give you several options on how to handle linking.  You can:

  • Connect and link data

  • Duplicate data

The default option after pasting will have all tables and views link to the source content.  Generally this will be the most appropriate.

Sometimes you may want to unlink the data from the source and duplicate data instead (e.g. if you have a table that is a template). 

However, we maintain links between connected tables that are part of your selection. Coda  will create one or more new base tables upon paste and match the linking patterns.  You can then see these connections in the doc map.


Are hidden columns included upon paste?

Yes, we always include hidden columns.  You can delete them after pasting if you prefer.

Why do I see broken references after I paste content?

You'll see this error if the items you pasted depended on content that was not in the selection you copied.

Can I control what rows to copy as well?

By default we will paste only visible rows.  But, when you paste, you can choose to include ALL rows or NO rows (if you only want to paste the structure). 

How can I copy an entire page into another Coda doc?

Check out this article for a step-by-step guide.

How can I copy a link to a specific spot / table / building block on a page?

You can now copy a link that will lead directly to a specific building block, whether it be a button, table, text block, etc. To do so, just hover over the building block and select the three vertical dots in the upper left corner. Then select "Copy link" to generate a link that will open on that building block.

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