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Overview: Export data from Coda
Overview: Export data from Coda

Learn about your options for exporting your docs and pages from Coda

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Whether you need to share your doc’s content in a PDF format, are moving your docs somewhere else, or want to embed your doc in a third-party site, we offer a few different options for exporting.

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Export an individual doc

If you just want to export an individual doc, or page from a doc, you have a few options.

Use copy/paste

You can copy/paste both canvas and table content from Coda. This is a great way to quickly move content from a doc in Coda to a different platform.

When Coda copies content, the pasted content is then in a standard format that most apps understand. If you need to export an entire table of data from Coda, first make sure that the full table is visible in Coda by showing any hidden columns and removing any filters. Then just copy the table, and paste it into a spreadsheet or other app that supports pasting tables, and you'll be all set!

Print pages

You can easily print pages from your Coda doc by clicking the dropdown menu next to the doc name. More instructions found here.

Export as PDFs

You can export your entire doc or specific pages from your doc as PDFs, via the same dropdown menu described above. Read all about it here.

Embed docs externally

You can also embed your Coda docs and pages on external sites. Unlike other export methods, embedding uses a living copy of your doc, so changes to the doc will be automatically reflected in the embed. Learn all about embedding here.

Export tables as CSVs

You also have the option to export specific tables as CSVs (comma separated values). This is great for moving structured data from one platform to another. To do this, hover over the upper right corner of your table, and click on Options. Then click on the vertical three-dot menu in the upper right, and select Download as CSV. The CSV will automatically generate and download in your browser.

download table as CSV.gif

Export all of your docs

The easiest way to export all of your docs at once is from your account settings. To do this, go to Account Settings and scroll down to the Advanced Settings section. De-collapse this list and click on Export My Data. This will generate multiple .txt & .csv files for all of your owned docs.


Can I export all of the docs in my workspace, not just the ones I own?

Our export options are only for docs you own. If you are an org admin in an Enterprise workspace, you have additional export options through the admin API.

Why is my export taking so long?

The final export may take some extra time to download due to the following factors:

  • The total number of exported pages exceeds 50.

  • It can take a little while for the system to recognize embedded files from other tools (Miro and Figma, for example) in exports from Coda.

Our ability to test the speed of exports is not always possible, as it is also influenced by the local network speed and other factors. If you're still experiencing issues while exporting, we recommend logging out of Coda and logging back in, which should reset the export queue from your login so that you can export one at a time.

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