Export Coda docs as PDFs

Any page from a doc — or the entire doc — can be exported as a PDF for easy sharing

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If you have a doc or page of a doc that you’d like to share with someone as an un-editable file, like an invoice or summary, you can export that doc or page as a PDF directly from Coda on our desktop version.

Looking to share your doc directly on Coda? Check out this help article on other ways to share your doc!

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Export docs and pages as PDFs

The steps below outline how to export either your whole doc or individual pages from a doc as a PDF.

Tip: If you're trying to export a single page, make sure to navigate to that page first before exporting.

  1. Bring your cursor next to your doc title in the upper right-hand corner to expose the three-dot menu ...

  2. Click the three-dots to open a drop down of doc options

  3. Hover over Print & PDF. Then click Export to PDF.

    1_1 (1).png

  4. You will see the option to export the entire doc, the page you’re currently on, or the page you’re currently on and its subpages. Select the option you'd like.

You’ll see a notification towards the bottom of your Coda doc that your content is being exported as a PDF. When ready, the doc or page will automatically download in your browser. This can take a few minutes, especially for large exports. Once downloaded, you can open, move, or attach the PDF as needed, as supported by your browser and device.

You can only do one export at a time, so if you want to export multiple pages from a doc, you must wait until your PDF export request has finished before beginning another export.

Export settings and formatting

You can choose your orientation (landscape or portrait) and paper size during the export process.

Wide tables will not be shrunk to fit the page, which may result in columns from wide tables being cut off in the exported PDF. We recommend trying the landscape orientation for these cases!

Hyperlinks are clickable in a PDF and will bring you to the indicated website, but linked references within the doc (such as people, tables, rows, or pages) are not clickable, and won’t navigate to the reference within Coda.


My tables are cut off — why?

Wide tables aren’t shrunk to fit when exporting to a PDF. If you have wide tables, try using the landscape orientation when exporting.

How do I export just one page from a doc?

Even if you are just exporting one page, make sure you’re starting at the three-dot menu from the doc title at the top of the page, rather than an individual page title. Then, see step 4 of the instructions for exporting above.

Why am I getting an error when I try to export my doc as a PDF?

The doc might be too big for us to export as a PDF. If that’s the case, we recommend exporting individual pages instead, or breaking up your pages into smaller subpages if your page is too big to export, too.

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