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Star docs of personal importance to save them to the My Shortcuts section of your doc list

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Not all Coda docs are used in the same way. You'll inevitably have a few that you use every week, and some that you'll only use once. This is where starred docs can help you stay organized.

Starring docs is a great way to mark docs of personal importance. After you star a doc, it will live in a section on your doc list called My Shortcuts. All starred docs, even from multiple different workspaces, will live in this section.

Starring docs only saves them to your personal My Shortcuts. It doesn’t affect the view for others in your workspace. If you’re wanting to shortcut docs not just for yourself but also for others in your team or workspace, you’ll use pinning instead.

Star your docs

To star a doc, hover over its name in the doc list and click the star icon. Alternatively, you can star a doc from within the doc itself. Hover over the doc title in the upper left corner, and click on the star.

Once you star a doc, you can access it quickly from the My Shortcuts tab of your doc list.

And, as your doc needs change, simply click the star again to un-star the doc and remove it from My Shortcuts.


When should I star a doc and when should I pin it?

Starring docs is best for docs of personal importance. Starred docs appear in your My Shortcuts, but they aren’t starred for anyone else in your workspace. For instance, you may want to star your personal to-do list doc or any docs you use on a daily basis.

Pinning is recommended when you want to flag or shortcut a doc for everyone in your workspace or folder. For instance, you likely want to pin your company wiki doc to your workspace. And you may want to pin your team task tracker doc to your team’s folder.

Can I star docs for everyone?

Starring docs only applies to your own view and your own My Shortcuts. To pin docs (or templates) to your workspace or folder, refer to this article.

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