When managing an on-going project or showing others a status update, a Card View of your data can be really helpful. 

Step 1. Create your table

It's always easiest to start with a table for building your card view. Include all the information you would like to see on your cards.

Step 2. Turn your table into a Card View

To see this table as a card view, hover over the table, click Options once it appears in the top right, then select Cards.

This will turn each row into an individual card. Click on any individual card to see more details. You can even update information on the card, and those updates will be reflected in the underlying table too.

Step 3. Experience the magic of a Kanban board

Making your cards look like a kanban board is easy. You can do so by customizing groupings and cards, or you can follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the upper right corner of your table to reveal "Options"

  2. Click "Options" to access the table options menu

  3. Choose "More" in the display options, and select "Board"

Alternatively, you can type /board on any page to insert a kanban board.

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