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What is the display column?

Understand how Coda's default display works

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Each table in Coda has a single display column that indicates that Coda will show information from that column in the doc if you reference a row.

For example, if you had a table of tasks, you would want the display column to be the whichever column contains the unique names of those tasks. That way, if you link to a specific task within a doc, Coda would show that task's unique name instead of another column in the row, like the status of the task.

How do you know which column is the display column?

The display column will have a bookmark icon to the left of the column's name. In the table below, the Task column is the display column.

Where will the display column of a row show up?

You'll see the display column in a few places in your Coda doc. If you link to a row in the canvas of your doc, you'll see the display column as the text.


And, if you are pulling data into a column using the relation column format, you'll see the display column as the value:


How do I change the display column?

You can change the display column in two ways:

  1. Hover over your table and click the Columns button. Then, right-click the column in the right-hand menu panel that you want to set as the display column:


2. Right-click the column name in the table, and choose Set as display column:

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