Note that only workspace admins can upgrade or downgrade a workspace.

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How to upgrade or downgrade your Coda workspace

To upgrade or downgrade, head to, then select your workspace name in the left-hand panel. Next, select Admin settings.

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Then, select the Billing tab, and click the blue Change Plan link.

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This will take you to our pricing page. Here, you can scroll down and either upgrade or downgrade to your desired plan.

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Upgrade/downgrade FAQs

How can I cancel my Coda plan?

Cancelling your Coda plan is synonymous with downgrading to the Free tier. So to cancel, you just need to follow the steps above to reach our pricing plans page. Then, click the Downgrade button within the Free tier option.

Note: If you're wanting to entirely delete your workspace, check out this article.

If I upgrade my free workspace to a paid workspace, who will become the admin?

Whichever Admin does the upgrading will automatically be made the sole Admin. All previous admins will be downgraded to Doc Maker. From there you can add more admins as needed or update existing members to admin.

Why am I receiving emails about upgrading from people in my workspace?

As an admin, you may also receive email notifications from your workspace members requesting an upgrade to level up a doc when it's over limits or reached a quota. This is a handy way to understand what your members need for the docs they are creating. To upgrade from a doc, click the Upgrade button.

How can I add or remove Doc Makers in my workspace before I upgrade?

When you go to upgrade your workspace, you may notice that the number of Doc Makers is calculated for you. This is based on the number of makers you currently have within your workspace.

As the admin, you're able to navigate to your workspace through and modify roles of your workspace members on the right-hand side. You need to click on your workspace name in the left panel for the Members list to appear.

Another way to get here is through the payment processing page.

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A note on downgrading:

  • Downgrading will affect all members of your workspace, and any docs using higher tier features will become read-only.

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