Here at Coda, we like to think about things a bit differently. This includes our pricing approach. We want to make sure you only pay for the folks who are doing the heavy lifting on your docs, and that you can share with as many folks as you need without being punished for expansion. Let's explore some of the common questions around Coda pricing and our Maker billing.

You can start from a free workspace that can seamlessly grow with your team as you upgrade. This means that anyone can create a free workspace and start by inviting others to participate in the workspace as members with different roles as either admins, Doc Makers, or editors. This provides a consistent experience from the very beginning. When you want to upgrade a free workspace your membership list stays the same in the upgraded workspace. Upgrading is all about unlocking new features and capabilities and not forcing a larger reorganization of a team's workspace setup.

How do I know which plan to pick?

There are four pricing plans to choose from. 

  • Free - Choose this plan if you're just getting started or don't plan to build large docs. You'll be able to share docs with as many people as you like, and even move your docs into different folders for better organization.
  • Pro - Choose this plan if you plan on building large docs, but won't be working actively with a team. You'll have no cap on the doc size and access to more automations and Packs. You'll also get priority support and faster assistance should you need help from the Coda team. 
  • Team - The key is in the name - if you're planning on collaborating with a project team, select this option. You'll get more automations and Packs, and doc protection features.
  • Enterprise - Choose this plan if you're planning on rolling out Coda across multiple teams or departments. We'll help you find the custom fit for your situation.

Will I still be able to build powerful docs in the Free plan?

Docs gain access to more features and capabilities based on your workspace plan. Just as promised, we have a healthy free tier that gives you the ability to use a large set of our features for free and even more features up to a healthy limit. Don't worry though. If you go above the free doc size limit, we give you two weeks to upgrade so we don't slow down the speed of your team.

What is an Admin?

The Admin is the person who's in charge of a workspace. They'll have all the same abilities as a doc maker and are able to adjust the permissions each member has across the workspace. You can have more than one admin for a workspace so that you can share the responsibilities.

What is a Doc Maker?

Your Coda workspaces can have several levels of membership so everyone has the right access for their role in the doc. Think of the Doc Maker as someone who's in charge of building powerful docs for others to use. They'll be able to create docs to share with others, and move them between workspaces. They can also create folders to help organize docs that should stick together.

What is an Editor?

A doc Editor is someone who can contribute and make changes to a doc. They'll be able to see the folder it's in, move it around a workspace, and share the doc with people both in and outside of the organization.

What roles do I pay for and why?

To upgrade a free workspace to a paid one, you only need to pay for a single Doc Maker to get started. As you grow into your workspace, you can invite additional members to become Doc Makers in your workspace. To help you get started quickly and keep costs low, you'll only be billed for Doc Makers. At the end of each billing cycle, you will be billed for the workspace based on how many Doc Makers there are. Any changes to the number of Doc Makers in the workspace mid-cycle are automatically prorated.

When will I get billed for my workspaces?

When you sign up for a new plan, you will be billed up front for all the Doc Makers in your workspace. If you add a new paid user to your workspace (or upgrade an existing one), we'll prorate them for the remainder of your billing cycle. On the annual plan, you will be charged monthly for these additional membership changes, with prorations applied for the remainder of the billing year.

Do I get a refund if I remove members from my workspace and cancel my plan?

When you remove Doc Makers or cancel your plan, we'll apply a prorated credit onto your account you can use for future charges in the workspace.

How can I have my teammates try Coda without making them a paid maker?

Luckily, anyone can create a free workspace inside of their Coda account. A great way to have folks give Coda a test drive is to create a Free workspace. They'll automatically have a My Docs folder created for them.

What payment methods are accepted?

At the moment, only credit card payments are accepted.

Still have pricing questions?

Get in touch with us at, and we'll happily help you out.

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