Setting up the Asana Pack

The steps to install the Asana Pack follow the same steps for installing any of Coda's other Packs. So if you're familiar with those steps the following won't be new!

1. Click Insert in the upper right of your Coda doc.
2. Select “Packs & Import”

3. Click “Asana.” A pop-up should prompt you to sign in to add the Asana Pack to your doc.

Coda Yoda Says: Type "/Asana" on a blank line as a shortcut

4. Select your account, or add your account.

A window will open asking who can view data from Asana. You must allow anyone the doc is shared with the view data in the doc. If you don't want to share your Asana data, you can always choose to not share the doc.

At this point you will have successfully installed the Asana Pack!

How to Use the Asana Pack

Syncing in Data

The Asana Pack allows you to pull in project and task data from Asana while also making updates from Coda. First we'll go over how you can use the data you sync in from Asana.

Most makers will benefit from bringing in data from Asana in the form of a sync table, which is a tablular representation of data from other applications (in this case, Asana). You can do this in two ways: by either using the Pack menu or by calling the Pack on the canvas.

To get to the Pack menu, you can follow "Insert" > "Packs" > "Asana". From here you can drag and drop in the data you want!

To see the Asana Pack tables from the canvas, just type "/Asana" and you should see a list of possible tables under a "Table" section. Just select which one you want and the table should begin to load.

Creating and Updating Tasks in Asana

The Asana Pack allows you to create and update tasks without ever leaving Coda. In this section we'll go over the building blocks to do just that.

First, to find these building blocks you can go to the Pack menu. In this case you can either navigate to the Asana Pack through the Insert button or access the Pack from the canvas by typing /Asana.

Creating Tasks

To create tasks for an Asana project from Coda you can use the Create Task button building block.

The Create Task button works by allowing a user to name a task and pass through a number of details to "assign" the task to the right place. In the below video, we simply create the button and then right click on it to select the team, workspace and other details. You'll notice that you can also add additional fields to further specify the details of the task.

Updating Tasks

The Update Task button functions similarly to the Create Task button; add the button, fill out the details and you're ready to update your Asana Tasks from Coda!

Add additional fields from Asana to an Asana Pack table

To add additional fields in your Asana Pack table, you will want to do the following:

  1. Add a new column to the table

  2. Set the column type to the the Asana object for the table (in the below example, this is Tasks)

  3. Using the menu, which should list the available fields, select the field you wish to add.

  4. The new column should populate with the value of that field in Asana, if the field is filled in from Asana.

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