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Purchase a Pack outside of Coda's pricing tiers, and learn about Pack bundling.

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As part of Coda’s Pack Marketplace we are letting you buy Packs individually, separate from Packs bundled into the pricing tiers. There will also continue to be Packs available to anyone regardless of tier. This article will address key questions around purchasing Packs to make sure you are best equipped to make a purchase decision.

Note: as of July 2022 only workspaces on Pro or Team plans may purchase Packs.

How do I actually buy a Pack?

Assuming you are a workspace admin ("Doc Maker (Admin)") you simply need to hit the "Buy" button which will surface a checkout window showing the cost of the Pack. For more details about how billing works, check out How does billing for these Packs work?

If you are not a workspace admin, you will need to reach out to your workspace admin and ask them to make the purchase.

What about Packs in Pricing Tiers?

These Packs will continue to be bundled into pricing tiers but will be available separately for purchase individually.

We do think you get a better deal when purchasing a Coda Pricing Tier but want to give you the choice in case you don't need the entire bundle. Need help navigating Coda's pricing plans? Reach out to us via the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen!

How does billing for these Packs work?

Packs are charged on a per doc maker per month basis. Purchasing a Pack makes it accessible to the entire workspace. This does mean doc editors can also use Packs despite not being able to make docs. We do not currently support annual billing for Packs.

Let’s go through an example of how the pricing works:

You buy the Figma Pack. The Figma Pack costs $10 per maker, per month. Your workspace has two Doc Makers. That would mean the workspace is charged $10 x 2 = $20 for the Figma Pack per month. This $20 would be added to your invoice every month.

How do I try a Pack out before I buy it?

Most Packs will offer a 14 day trial per doc! These trials will offer unmitigated access to the Pack for this 14 day period. No quotas or limitations! A per doc trial means the trial will be initiated per doc that the Pack is installed in.

You will see in the "Pack" section of your doc how many days are left in the trial and will receive warning messages indicating when the trial has expired. A Pack trial expiration will not affect the functionality of your doc. Only the Pack will be disabled upon completion of the trial, assuming you do not purchase it before then.

Note: We reserve the right to curtail abuse of Pack trials such as continuing trialling a pack over and over in the same workspace with no intention to purchase

Can anyone in my workspace buy a Pack?

No, only workspace admins (Doc Maker - Admin) may purchase Packs. Doc Makers and editors can however trial Packs if the Pack Maker has enabled them.

How do I cancel a Pack subscription?

If you can to cancel a Pack subscription, just follow the steps below. Note that only workspace admins can take this action.

  1. Go to coda.io/docs

  2. Click on your workspace name in the left panel

  3. Under the workspace name, select Workspace settings

  4. Click into the Packs tab

  5. Under Subscriptions, you'll see all the Packs your workspace is subscribed to. Find the Pack in question, click on it to expand, then select Unsubscribe.

  6. Click End subscription to confirm.

Where can I go to learn more about the security of Packs?

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