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Learn how to setup the Asana Pack and sync your projects and task in your Coda doc

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Improve your project management workflow with the Asana Pack. This Pack integrates and syncs your projects, tasks, workspaces, and teams for a seamless connection.

Create or update tasks with the click of a button, turn ideas into structured plans, and maintain a real-time team dashboard to track progress.This article will show you how to get the most out of these Pack, helping you work more efficiently and cohesively.

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Install and connect the Asana Pack

If this is your first time installing a Pack, we recommend you check out these intro articles on installing a Pack and connecting to a Pack account.

To install the Asana Pack in your doc and connect, just follow these steps:

  1. On any blank line in your doc’s canvas, type a forward slash, followed by Asana (e.g. /Asana )

  2. From the drop-down menu, select Asana (under the More Packs header)

  3. You’ll then see a preview with all kinds of helpful info on the Pack. Click Add to doc in the upper right.

  4. A pop-up window will appear and you’ll need to Login to Asana using your email and password or Gmail account.

  5. After you login, you can select who can view Asana data and who can take actions.

install and connect to asana pack.gif

That’s it - the Pack is now installed and ready to be put to use!

💡Tip: As an alternative to the slash command, you can browse and search Packs by clicking on Insert (upper right corner of your doc), and then Packs.

Put the Asana Pack to use

Once you’ve installed and connected the Pack, you’re ready to start using any of its many building blocks. To see what this Pack has to offer, head to the Pack page by following these steps:

  1. Click on Insert in the upper right corner of your doc

  2. Select Packs

  3. Under Installed Packs, select Asana

  4. Scroll through the Building blocks tab to see all the ways you can start using the Pack

You’ll see templates, tables, buttons, formulas, and more. You can click and drag any of these building blocks into your doc.

Asana Pack settings

In the settings of each Pack, you can set the default refresh rate for Pack data. You can also add, remove, and manage Pack accounts via the settings. To locate these settings...

  1. Click on Insert in the upper right corner of your doc

  2. Select Packs

  3. Under Installed Packs, select Asana

  4. Go to Settings and you’ll be able to select the refresh rate (Manually, Daily and Hourly) and select the account you’re using. You can use private or shared accounts with this Pack.

Examples, tips & tricks

While there are countless ways to use the Asana Pack, we want to share some helpful resources that demonstrate some of the most common and most useful applications. To learn about any applications not described here, you can search our gallery of published docs. Or explore the listing page for this Pack.

Sync in tasks from a specific project

A common use of the Asana Pack is creating a table of tasks associated with a given project. Once you’ve added the Asana Pack and logged in, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Asana Pack

  2. In scroll to the the Tables section of the building blocks

  3. Find and click on Tasks. This should open a list of all projects accessible by your Asana account.

  4. Find the project you want from the list, then select and drag it into the canvas of your doc.

Once it loads, you’ll have a table containing all the tasks associated with that given project.

add task table asana.gif

Create and update tasks

You don’t have to leave Coda to create a new Asana task or update an existing one, simply use the Create or Update buttons in your Coda tables and you’ll be able to update data from your tables to Asana. Teams use this to work and collaborate in a single Coda doc, then update their Asana dashboards by pushing a button.

Because this application is so common, we’ve created an entire guide to walk you through the setup and share some helpful tips. Be sure to check it out!

Customize your Asana sync data

Once you’ve added an Asana sync table, you can customize which columns are included in your sync. Just go follow these steps:

  1. Click on your table options

  2. Click into the Asana sync settings

  3. Select the Settings tab

  4. Click the Choose columns button

  5. From the list of fields, choose which columns to include or exclude.

  6. Then click the Update button at the bottom to set your changes live.

choose columns asana sync.gif

Now that you have all the desired fields included in your sync table, you can choose which columns to hide or display in your table.

Just like with all tables in Coda, you can also change the way your data is displayed. Check out our article on views to learn more.

Turn ideas into Asana tasks

You can discuss, and plan your projects in a unified doc with the Asana Pack. You can draft your ideas, organize discussion, invite your team to upvote and turn those ideas into Asana tasks with a button using the Create a Task formula. Here’s a simple template to get you started.

Build your own project dashboard

You can use the Asana Pack to keep project stakeholders and sponsors updated without needing to switch tabs. By adding your project’s tasks to Coda, you can use Coda’s native charts to visualize progress and formulas to summarize high-level updates.

Make your dashboard come to life by sharing a team update, weekly goals, blockers, and more. Here’s a project dashboard template to get you started.

Team progress updates

Every team member can manage, update, and record meeting notes related to your project in the same space. Use this as a team hub to give stakeholders visibility. Here’s a team progress template to get you started.


Is it possible to create new or update tasks from my doc?

Yes - use the Create a Task or Update a Task buttons to add a new task to Asana or update an existing one from your Coda table.

For a deep dive on how to set it up here, check out this resource.

What data from Asana can I get with this Pack?

Here are the various Asana Tasks fields that you can sync to Coda:

  • name

  • completed

  • completed_at

  • completed_by

  • created_at

  • dependencies

  • due_at

  • due_on

  • memberships.project.gid


  • memberships.section.gid


  • modified_at

  • notes

  • resource_type

  • resource_subtype

  • start_at

  • start_on

  • assignee

  • custom_fields

  • parent

  • permalink_url

  • projects


  • workspace

Is the Asana Pack free?

The Asana Pack is included in any Team or Enterprise workspace. If you’re on the Pro tier, you’re able to purchase the Asana Pack for an additional charge. Learn more about purchasing Packs here.

What options do I have for how my Asana tasks are displayed?

You may have preference between List, Board or Calendar view when it comes to Asana. In Coda, you can continue these preferences.

  • List → Table

  • Board → Board

  • Calendar → Calendar

Learn more about other table views here: View Types

Can I group my tasks?

Similar to Asana, you can group your tasks by Project, Due Date, or any column on your table. Learn more about Grouping in this article: Group your table data

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